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Gluten Free Resources: Trip Planning


For help with the research and legwork that goes into planning a gluten-free trip, call Travel Leaders travel agency. Lesley Hayden, based in their Boston office, can tap her immense resources and experience in helping gluten free travelers plan trips to offer you a level of personal service you just don't find in today's do-it-yourself environment. It doesn't cost any more to use a travel agent than booking direct with a travel provider, and nine times out of ten, they can save you money by accessing deals you may not be aware of. Call Lesley at 800-487-6110, and mention you heard about her through GlutenFreeTravelSite so she takes extra-special care of you. You can also read more about Lesley's specialties and the service she provides to her gluten free clients on Travel Leaders' website.

Gluten Free Travel-Us


Gluten Free Travel-US has added a new dimension to the gluten free travel market. Since owner Ellen Morse is gluten and dairy free, she is acutely aware of the challenges faced by the traveler with food allergies. She has been creating customized worldwide itineraries for travelers for 20 years. Now Ellen is happy to extend her expertise to the gluten free traveler.

Gluten Free Travel-Us plans gluten-free friendly cruises and trips to destinations around the world. Ellen is also delighted to plan individual, customized itineraries that allow gluten-free travelers to choose their travel dates, itineraries, and companions. Whether it's a family trip, destination wedding, or honeymoon, Gluten Free Travel-Us will attend to every detail, including ensuring all your meals are gluten-free. Check out our Gluten Free Getaways page for all the latest in itineraries. Be sure to also join the mailing list so you will be among the first to hear about their latest news and itineraries. Ellen can be reached during the day or evening at ellen@glutenfreetravel-us.com or 312-337-9235.

Bluone Tours owners Marcello and Raffaella Tori


Bluone in Italy Food & Wine Tours specialize in small-group tours of Italy's beautiful countryside. You have your choice of numerous regions and itineraries, and each focuses on the history, culture, and culinary specialties of the region. Tours are guided by husband-wife owners Marcello and Raffaella, and they give you an up-close and personal perspective you're not able to get with typical, larger tour companies. They are also able to accommodate gluten free travelers on most of their tours. Once they know of a traveler's gluten free needs, they make arrangements with restaurants in advance so that delicious and safe gluten free options are available. Italy is known for taking Celiac Disease very seriously, and most restauranteurs are very well-versed in knowing whether menu items are gluten free or not -- and how to avoid cross contamination in the kitchen. However, it's very helpful to be on a guided tour such as one of Bluone's -- especially outside of the most popular tourist towns of Rome, Florence, and Venice -- since English is not as widely spoken in some of Italy's other, more rural areas. Marcello and Raffaella act as liaisons at all the restaurants, helping to communicate your needs, ask questions, and make sure your gluten free needs are handled safely. In most cases, they can also make arrangements in advance for gluten free members of their group tours to be accommodated for any cooking classes that might be part of the tour.

Visit Bluone In Italy's website to see the many options for culinary tours throughout Italy. No matter which region you choose, you'll fall in love with the sites, breathtaking scenery, and medieval towns...not to mention the Italian people, their simple and fresh Italian cuisine, and their amazing wines. Friends of this website even get a special Welcome gift upon arrival. Just mention code GFTS-GF when booking a tour. That also indicates you require gluten free meals. Feel free to email Marcello and Raffaella at info@bluone.com with questions about any of their tours. They will let you know if there are any potential issues with any of the restaurants, tastings, or cooking classes that are a part of the tour you're interested in.

BOB & Ruth's (Organized Trips)

Sign up for their Gluten Free Dining and Travel club, including a gluten-free travel newsletter. They'll keep you posted on all the gluten-free getaways they plan all over the world. Since 1998, they have beeen planning group trips to exotic locales, and they work with the restaurants to plan meals and design menus. They review all ingredients, manufacturers of packaged foods, and methods of preparation to make sure all meals are safely gluten free. They even research the ethnic specialties of the area you'll be traveling to in order to offer authentic cuisine and a wide variety of foods. Then, when arriving for each meal on the trip, Bob meets with the chef to verify that what will be served to the group is what they previously agreed upon. You'll relax knowing that all the meals on the trip are safe and gluten-free -- as well as delicious and of high-quality.