Triumph Dining Cards Special Offer

Terms of Offer

The first 100 people to submit a travel review that is accepted by will receive four free Triumph Dining Cards (covering American, Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisines). The submitted review must be acceptable for publication (i.e. it must be coherent, current and relevant). Reviewers can be candid in their feedback but must refrain from personal attacks on any individual resort, hotel or restaurant.

Triumph Dining Cards

Triumph Dining Cards are two-sided multi-lingual laminated dining cards that can be folded and carried in a wallet to use when dining out or traveling. We recommend showing them to a manager and/or chef to effectively communicate the specifics of a gluten-free diet (in either English or the native language).

Succinct, yet complete, these thoroughly researched and tested Dining Cards are by far the most effective available. In addition to giving examples of foods that do and do not contain gluten, the cards list hidden sources of gluten specific to the particular type of cuisine. The cards also include detailed instructions on how to avoid cross-contamination when preparing gluten-free meals.

*Triumph Dining is not affiliated with and is not a sponsor of or connected to this promotion in any way. Triumph Dining owns all the intellectual property rights to Triumph Dining cards. Limit one set of Dining Cards per reviewer.

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