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Gluten Free in Cabo San Lucas
Review Posted: Jul 03, 2012
Esperanza Resort and Market Restaurant at La Palmilla Resort
Review Type: Resort
Location: Km 7 Carretera Transpeninsular, Manzana 10, Punta Ballena, 23410 Baja California Sur, Mexico
Trip Type: Adults only meal/vacation
Travel Dates: May 2012
Esperanza Resort and Market Restaurant at La Palmilla Resort Map It

My husband and I finally made it to 10 days of relaxation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico after having to cancel our trip in February. Needless to say, we were long overdue to put away our technology and have some fun in the sun, which includes spicy Mexican food and margaritas! We like to go all out on the places we stay and eat, so the recommendations I'm making are on the upscale side and geared towards adults. I also find that upscale usually means top notch service, which sometimes means careful catering to gluten free needs. This was definitely the case for the below recommendations. We stayed at two resorts, the first of which I would recommend to anyone traveling with a dietary restriction. The Esperanza Resort, which is part of the Auberge Resorts group, is as good as it gets when it comes to attention to detail from a service perspective. In other words, they think of everything! When we made the reservation, I let them know about my gluten free needs and from the moment we arrived I didn't have to remind them because it was in the master computer system that is shared with all restaurant and room service associates. Every meal we ate at the resort they took the initiative to confirm my gluten free needs. At one breakfast, the server may not have specifically remembered my gluten free needs, but took the initiative to ask about dietary restrictions and so all was fine from that point on. My next recommendation is for a fabulous restaurant, Market by Jean Georges Vongerichten at the La Palmilla Resort. The food was phenomenal and they catered to my every gluten free whim. From specially prepared gluten free corn bread to start my meal off to variations on all courses to a dessert that was not only safe for me but out of this world. I was able to enjoy this meal to the point that I walked away having eaten more than I could handle. I think you all know what I mean! In both scenarios, I called in advance to discuss my gluten free needs and I would recommend the same to you.


Washington DC
A Great Gluten Free Dining Experience at PS 7 restaurant in Washington, DC
Review Posted: Sep 06, 2011
PS 7's
Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 777 I Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-742-8550
Contact: Peter Smith, Chef/Owner
Trip Type: Adults only meal/vacation
Travel Dates: August 2011
PS 7\'s Map It

PS7 restaurant was fantastic. It offered both a wonderful gluten free experience as well as a menu filled with innovative dishes featuring local and seasonal produce. You know you are in for a good experience when the first thing the waitress (Bernadette in this case) says is “I understand we have someone at the table that needs to avoid gluten.” When I raised my hand, her full attention went straight to me. She pointed out the gluten free items on the menu and assured me that most dishes could be prepared to be gluten free. From that moment on I felt at ease knowing that my needs were being taken care of and was able to turn my attention to the creative and delicious food being offered. For my full review of PS 7, visit my blog, The Gluten Free RD:


New South Wales
Sydney, Australia: Eating Gluten Free Down Under
Review Posted: Mar 24, 2011
Multiple restaurants throughout Sydney, Australia
Review Type: Restaurant
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Trip Type: Adults only meal/vacation
Travel Dates: January 2011
Multiple restaurants throughout Sydney, Australia Map It

I had the good fortune of spending two weeks in Australia back in January, and let me tell you…they get eating gluten free down under! The availability of gluten free options and attention to gluten free service is remarkable. They are leaps and bounds ahead of us here in the U.S. So, if you are looking to do foreign travel and want to pick a country with so much to offer, while also feeling safe about what you can eat, Australia is a fine choice. Here are some of my favorite restaurant and cafe finds… SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA D.A.R.E (Delicious and Responsible Eating) – This adorable cafe in the historical Rocks section of Sydney, which is right on the beautiful harbor that you have all seen in pictures, was the place we ate breakfast every day. It was a three-minute walk from our hotel (and many other hotels) and had more gluten-free options than I think I have ever seen. In addition to freshly-made, real ingredient juices and smoothies, they had greek-style yogurt with an array of fruit toppings, a wide and changing variety of gluten free sweet breads and muffins, gluten free coconut pancakes, nut and fruit balls, frittatas and omelets. And while we were never around to have lunch, they had gluten free falafel, pide (a Middle Eastern pizza-like dish) and a ton of fresh salads. Between the dedication to gluten free options and healthful, wholesome fare, I could have eaten here for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Oh yeah, and my husband loved the coffee. SAKE – also in the Rocks district is this trendy and fun Japanese restaurant that was hopping during happy hour on a Thursday night. I usually avoid Asian and sushi restaurants here in the States, as the wheat-filled soy sauce is everywhere and the sushi rice often contains gluten. When we passed by the restaurant to see if we wanted to eat there, we asked the hostess if she could ask the chef if the sushi rice was gluten free. She happily responded that she would ask right away…and to our surprise he confidently claimed the rice was gluten free. When I went through the gluten free spiel with our waitress (who had moved to Syndey from Cleveland), she pleasantly offered going through the entire menu and sushi list with the chef to see what was gluten free and eagerly offered tamari for dipping. A few moments later she gave me a printed menu with hand written stars next to all of the items I could eat and told me not to worry about ordering sushi, that the chef would prepare my rolls utilizing sterilized and dedicated surfaces and utensils. Need I say more? QUAY (pronounced key) – When researching upscale restaurants to visit in Sydney, Quay was at the top of everyone’s list. Overlooking the harbor with an astounding view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Quay is the highest-ranked Australian restaurant in the world and was voted Number 27 on the coveted S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant’s list. This was a dining experience to remember, with flavor combinations that tickled our senses and challenged our jaded taste buds with a wine selection and service to match. I can sum up the attention to gluten free service in one detail. When providing me with my gluten free roll at the start of the meal, a kind young server offered me my own butter and butter knife. They put my mind at ease about cross contamination from the very start. SUBMITTED BY THE "GLUTEN FREE RD" BLOGGER RACHEL BEGUN


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