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Best sandwich ever! 100% gluten-free restaurant in Colorado Springs, CO
Review Posted: Feb 06, 2015
Coquette's Bistro & Bakery
Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 321 N Tejon, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: (719) 685-2420
Trip Type: Family meal/vacation
Travel Dates: January 2015
Coquette\'s Bistro & Bakery Map It

This place was amazing. I had the Monte Cristo sandwich and it was probably the best sandwich I ever had! Deep-fried gluten-free bread covered in powdered sugar. Sooo good! My boyfriend had the savory crepe and he said he couldn't even tell it was gluten-free The bakery cases and freezers are full of gluten-free baked goods, breads, rolls, and so much more. It was so tempting to buy one of each. I bought carrot cake, blueberry coffee cake, and bread to go. Everything was delicious. This is a destination restaurant for anyone with celiac disease!


Gluten-free breakfast sandwich at restaurant in Hood River, Oregon
Review Posted: Nov 25, 2012
Hood River Bagel
Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 13 Oak Street, Hood River, OR 97031
Phone: 541-386-2123
Trip Type: Family meal/vacation
Travel Dates: November 2012
Hood River Bagel Map It

Hood River is a quaint little town about 1 hour east of Portland. On an early Sunday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find Hood River Bagels serving 5 different flavors of gluten-free bagels freshly baked that morning. Since I am a lifelong Celiac, this was the first time I had a breakfast sandwich in a restaurant. I had sausage, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel. It was delicious and made my morning. I also bought a plain bagel and cheese bagel to go. At $1.25 per bagel and about $4.00 for a sandwich, I think this was a great deal. The bagels were really good, the staff was very knowledgeable, and all of the GF bagels were kept in an entirely separate case from the regular bagels. (From the Hood River Bagel website) A Note About Gluten Free Bagels: We make them every Friday morning. Bagels are normally a high-gluten product and ours are no exception. For our Gluten-Free friends, we have developed a recipe with rice flour, quinoa flour, potato starch, almond meal, xanthan gum, sugar, salt, olive oil, yeast, egg whites & water. We store our GF ingredients in sealed bins to minimize atmospheric contact. We also make them in the front of the house where we don't process as many other flour products. The mixer is sanitized, and the dough is kept isolated from gluten-loaded products. The bagels get boiled 1st thing -- before any thing else hits the kettle -- and baked on their own pans by themselves. If you are sensitive to any trace amount of gluten, then you probably don't hang around traditional bagel shops, anyway. If you are elimnating most gluten from your diet, you should give them a try! Fresh on Fridays. frozen if any left over for the week. Questions? Give us a call 541-386-2123 or drop an email hoodriverbagel at gmail dot com.


100% Gluten-Free Bakery in London, Ontario
Review Posted: Jul 20, 2012
Healthy Creations
Review Type: Bakery
Location: 502 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario N6J 1G8
Phone: 519-472-0111
Contact: Jeff & Fran Chapman
Trip Type: Family meal/vacation
Travel Dates: August 2011
Healthy Creations Map It

Healthy Creations is a 100% gluten-free bakery in London, Ontario. We loaded up at the bakery buying a loaf of sorghum bread, peanut butter, cranberry lemon, and chocolate chip cookies, blueberry and chocolate chip muffins and a package of wraps. Healthy Creations London is actually the bakery’s second location. The original location is in Windsor, Ontario, which originally opened in 1998 as a made-to-order buisness. Chris Brecka, the founder of the bakery, has a son with Celiac Disease. As I feel my diagnosis saved my life, Chris also felt her son’s diagnosis saved his life. Two years after Chris’s son was diagnosed, so was her youngest daughter. I always feel like the best gluten-free products are baked out of love and Healthy Creations was a true testament to my belief! Both the London and Windsor locations are 100% gluten-free so there is no need to worry about cross-contamination at either bakery. In addition to gluten-free products, Healthy Creations also has some products that are sugar-free, low sugar, nut-free, corn-free, egg-free, yeast-free, and casein-free. Lucky for me I am only gluten-free, so I was able to enjoy everything that we purchased that day. Out of everything I tried, I loved the cranberry lemon cookie the best. I wish I bought more than one. I also really liked the wrap which resembled more of a pita bread than a wrap. Unfortunately, those got crushed in my bag on the way back to New York City so I only enjoyed two full wraps while in Canada. My sister and her kids try to avoid many grains, but the all enjoyed the sorghum bread. Overall, we really enjoyed the Healthy Creations assortment that we picked up that day. We will definitely go back on our next visit to London, ON.


Central Eastern Europe
Gluten-Free in Prague at Švejk Restaurant U Karla
Review Posted: Mar 08, 2012
Švejk Restaurant U Karla
Review Type: Restaurant
Trip Type: Family meal/vacation
Travel Dates: April 2011
Švejk Restaurant U Karla Map It

Prior to my trip to Prague, I emailed the restaurant to confirm that they were still serving a bezlepková (gluten-free) menu. The owner emailed me back to tell me that they were still serving a gluten-free menu and that his daughter has Celiac Disease. Immediately, this gave me a sense of relief since the owner clearly understood the need for a safe, gluten-free menu. On a recommendation from the waiter, I decided on the gluten-free beef goulash with roasted sausage, onions, homemade gluten free dumplings. I also asked for a side of gluten-free bread and the waiter insisted the dumplings were “enough bread!” I ordered a Celia beer as well. My goulash and dumplings came and I was excited to see a “GLUTEN-FREE” flag right in the middle of my plate! I went back to Švejk Restaurant U Karla my last night in Prague because I really wanted to try the Pork schnitzel in cheese gluten free dough. I was excited that my waiter remembered me and he immediately brought me the gluten-free menu. If you don’t know what schnitzel is, the best way I can describe it is breaded and fried meat. Can you say delicious?! This was the first time I ever had a deep-fried anything in a restaurant and I devoured the dish. Of course, I also washed this down with another one (or two!) gluten-free beers. Seriously, I think this was my favorite dish in Prague. Can you go wrong with deep-fried anything? Make sure you go to the Švejk Restaurant U Karla location. There is more than one Švejk Restaurant in the Czech Republic!


Gluten-Free Dutch Pancakes at restaurant in Aruba
Review Posted: Mar 08, 2012
Linda’s Dutch Pancakes and Pizza
Review Type: Restaurant
Location: Palm Beach 6-D, Aruba
Phone: 297-586-3378
Contact: Stefan
Trip Type: Family meal/vacation
Travel Dates: February 2012
Linda’s Dutch Pancakes and Pizza Map It

I went for dinner at Linda’s Dutch Pancakes and Pizza twice during my week in Aruba. The restaurant was about a 15-minute walk from the high-rise hotel area in Aruba. Street signs are pretty much non-existent in Aruba so to get there turn onto Palm Beach road with Benihana and Sopranos Bar on the corner. Keep on walking until you pass Kong Fui Supermarket on your right and Valero Gas Station on your left. Linda’s is the first restaurant in a strip of restaurants just past the gas station. When I arrived, I immediately asked the waitress for a gluten-free menu and she eagerly pointed out everything I could eat. The menu was clearly labeled with gluten-free items. I also mentioned that I had read about their gluten-free menu online so she said she would send out Stefan, the manager. Immediately I felt comfortable eating at Linda’s. Whether at home or abroad, this personal connection with the staff makes this gluten-free customer feel at ease. For my first dinner at Linda’s, I decided on a traditional Dutch pancake since I never had one before. There were so many toppings to choose from but I chose ham and Gouda cheese, a traditional Dutch cheese. The pancake came out and it was HUGE. I was starving and determined to eat the whole thing. I finished about 80% of the monster gluten-free pancake, but just could not finish it. The price was reasonable for Aruba, which I found to be VERY expensive for food. For a diet Coke, the gluten-free pancake, and a tip, I spent about $16.00 US (around 28.00 AWG, the Aruban currency). I knew I wanted to check out Linda’s again before I left, so I headed there for my last dinner on Aruba. This time, I debated between pizza or another pancake but opted for the sweet. Hey, I was on vacation and wanted to eat dessert for dinner. Stefan came out and went over all of the fruit toppings to tell me what was fresh or frozen. I thought this was a really nice touch. I decided on a Nutella and banana gluten-free Dutch pancake for this repeat visit. One word for this dinner: DELICIOUS Linda’s Dutch Pancakes and Pizza is open 8am to 10pm every day except Sundays when they are closed. The restaurant was not crowded on either of my visits, but they do take reservations.


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