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Wildfire Restaurant
232 Oakbrook Center
Oak Brook, IL 60523

5.0 Palms
5.0 Palms
Wildly Crazy for Wildfire restaurant's gluten free menu!

Reviewer: 1631NovoDrive from
Reviewed on Feb 04, 2014

I love Wildfire because of the extensive gluten-free menu they offer. Also, staff is knowledgable and helpful to those who need to order gluten-free.

The gluten free menu is huge, with a wide range of appetizers, salads, main dishes, sandwiches and desserts. I feel like a normal person when I eat there and not at all restricted on finding something I'll enjoy.

They even have gluten free bread and mac and cheese!

I also appreciate that they offer four or more desserts, and not the usual creme brulee. (I like creme brulee, but I'm jaded on it right now. I get SO TIRED of that being the gluten-free dessert-of-choice at countless other restaurants.)

At Wildfire, however, there's cookies! There's cake! There's ice cream!

And the food beautifully prepared and delicious.

Drinks aren't bad, either! :)

I also love many other Lettuce Entertain you restaurants. They get it, and I'm so glad they do.

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