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About Pie Five Pizza Company's Gluten Free Menu

Pie Five creates custom, from-scratch pizzas with quality ingredients in only five minutes. They use all natural, organic, preservative-free tomato sauce they make in-house, all natural chicken breast, and 100% pork sausage with no antibiotics or homones. Their gluten free crust is provided by Smart Flour which produces all of its gluten free products from Ancient Grains including teff, amaranth and sorghum flours, giving the pizza crust an enhanced nutritional profile with more vitamins, minerals and fiber than pizzas made from other gluten free flour combinations.

Plus, Pie Five now has another gluten free option for pizza crust. After perfecting a cauliflower crust recipe for almost a year, Pie Five Pizza is permanently offering cauliflower crust at all locations! It has half the carbs & sodium of traditional pizza crusts. Not only that, it's gluten-free, vegetarian AND low sugar! Try one and finally enjoy pizza without the carb guilt!

All toppings for pizzas and all salad ingredients are gluten free, with the exception of the Alfredo sauce, meatballs, Caesar dressing, and parmesan crisps. Salads can be made in to-go containers, rather than their pizza crust bowls.

Pie Five stresses that their restaurants are not dedicated gluten free environments, but they take the following precautions when preparing gluten free pizzas for their guests:

  • Gluten-free crusts arrive frozen, and are stored in the freezer
  • Gluten-free crusts are kept sealed, away from other products.
  • When the gluten-free crust is requested by the guest, the make station associate must wash their hands
  • thoroughly, dry them, and put on a fresh pair of gloves.
  • The associate retrieves the gluten-free crust from refrigeration, unwraps it, and places it onto a clean, sanitized gluten-free pizza screen.
  • Depending on the type of pizza requested, a clean gluten-free spoodle or brush is used to spread the sauce.
  • Cheese and other toppings are applied, as requested by the guest. All current make station toppings are gluten-free, with the exception of the fried noodles at the salad station.
  • Pizza is placed in the oven at least five inches away from other pizzas. Make station associate tells cut station associate about the gluten-free pizza in the oven.
  • Cut station associate washes hands thoroughly, dries them, and puts on a fresh pair of gloves.
  • The associate removes the pizza from the oven with gluten-free pan grippers and uses the gluten free pizza cutter (with red handle) to cut the pizza on a gluten-free designated cutting board.
  • Any additional garnishes are added, and the lid of the box is closed to minimize any contamination.
  • The gluten-free pizza screen goes to the 3-sink area to be thoroughly washed, rinsed, and sanitized prior to reuse.
  • Gluten-free utensils and cutting board are stored in the designated gluten-free area, on the back prep table, until needed again or the end of the service period.
  • At the end of the service period, all gluten-free utensils are thoroughly washed, rinsed, and sanitized.

Pie Five Pizza has grown tremendously over the past few years. They currently have locations in 20 states...with locations opening soon in 4 more states. Pie Five has received many customer comments regarding their gluten free crust and are proud of the quality of their crust.

"I had the gluten free pepperoni & beef pizza. It was great, and have allergies so I love finding places that do gluten free!"

"I made my own creation on a gluten free crust. loved it! We love this place and love that there is a gluten free crust!"

"Great service! For it being near closing the employees still seemed happy to serve us; impressed by knowledge of gluten free precautions (our pizza maker changed gloves, got a clean utensil to spread sauce, etc)"

"Great gluten free pizza"

"I like that you have the different cutters and care if customers are vegetarian, gluten or dairy sensitive. Quite a surprise."