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About Pizza Fusion Gluten Free Menu

From the oval shape of our gourmet pizzas to each hand-stamped and signed delivery box, our pies are far from ordinary. We use only the freshest, all-natural and organic ingredients, like New York strip steak, wild caught Maine lobster, wild-caught Key West shrimp, prosciutto, Portobello mushrooms, soy cheese and many more. We proudly offer a variety of premium specialty pizzas: Pesto & Walnut, Artichoke & Red Peppers, Organic Veggie Medley, Three Cheese & Organic Roasted Garlic, as well as traditional pepperoni, sausage, and more. Our trademark pizza sauce is made using only 100% certified organic ingredients all the way down to the salt, oil and spices. Our New York strip steak and Ground Beef from Grateful Harvest is certified organic and free of any hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and insecticides. We use all-natural, free-range chicken for our pizzas and salads.

We cater to many customers with Celiac Disease with our gluten-free menu. We use a mixture of various gluten free flours to make our gluten-free pizza crust, and our sauce and cheese are gluten-free as well. Our Celiac friends are always happy to know that they can order almost any topping gluten-free, excluding only barbeque sauce and sausage. Our gluten-free pizza is one of the best on the market. Its great taste is a reflection of our dedication to using quality ingredients and spending the time and energy to perfect our products.

We also serve a variety of salads and melt-in-your-mouth gluten-free brownies to accompany your gluten-free pizza, as well as offer a gluten-free beer made from Sorghum instead of barley. There are many options at Pizza Fusion that fit the special dietary needs of the Celiac community.