Gluten Free Menus: Mama Eat & Mama Frites

(Located in Rome and Naples, Italy)

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About Mama Eat & Mama Frites Gluten Free Menus

In Italy, you'll find two fantastic dining concepts that serve the gluten free community -- and surpass their expectations -- with safe, delicious, homemade Italian specialties. They are Mama Eat and Mama Frites, owned by brothers, one of whom has Celiac.

Mama Eat, with locations in both Rome's charming Trastevere neighborhood and in Naples, offers a very extensive Gluten Free Menu of homemade Italian specialties. Here, you have choices ranging from authentic Neapolitan pizza (made gluten free) to Italian pasta favorites using delicious gluten free pasta. Salads, kebabs, grilled meats and seafood, sandwiches, and crepes round out the menu. Mama Eat prides itself on the highest quality, all natural ingredients without chemical additives. They truly "pamper" their gluten free guests with their high quality food, exacting standards, and attention to detail. Gluten free diners are in good hands dining here. Mama Eat is recognized by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC) for its preparation of safe gluten free meals. And, in fact, Mama Eat maintains two separate kitchens in order to avoid the possibility of cross contamination.

Imagine beginning your meal with gluten free bruschetta, potato croquettes, or an antipasti platter of the freshest meats, cheeses, and grilled vegetables -- and then moving on to the Roman specialty of Pasta Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper), lasagna, or linguine with clam sauce. You may even want to follow that with a meat course like roasted lamb, steak, fried shrimp, or meatballs. If you love pizza, this is the place to indulge in gluten free pizza, Neapolitan style. You'll be amazed that their crust -- the perfect combination of crispiness and chewiness -- is gluten free! There are even burgers on homemade gluten free buns.

Save room for a dessert pizza with Nutella sauce, crepes, panna cotta, or various chocolate cakes. Yes, these are just some of the many, many gluten free specialties you'll find on the Gluten Free Menu at Mama Eat! (You'll see that almost every item on their menu can be made gluten free, as noted by the GF symbol. There's just a slight uncharge). They even offer lactose free dairy products for use in their menu items. All desserts are both gluten free and lactose free. There are even many choices of gluten free beer to accompany your meal!

The family's second restaurant concept, Mama Frites is what is known as a "typical Neapolitan fry," specializing in "cuoppi" baskets of fried seafood or chicken with fries. Risotto, lasagna, croquettes, sandwiches, smoothies, and their amazing gluten free Neapolitan pizza are other choices on the menu. For dessert, they offer some amazing specialties like tiramisu, pistachio tiramisu, and mini donuts drizzled in Nutella. You can also enjoy a selection of gluten free craft beers and Italian wines.The restaurant is in close proximity to the Vatican.. Like Mama Eat, Mama Frites offers lactose free choices on the menu, from appetizers to dessert. Mama Frites is 100% gluten free, so there is no concern about cross contamination in the preparation of your meal.