Gluten Free Menus: Garlic Jim?s

Garlic Jims gluten-free menu, coupons and locations

About Garlic Jim's Gluten Free Menu

Welcome to a fresh concept in pizza delivery! Garlic Jim's is a concept that was designed by a group of gentlemen with a whole lot of years of "National Chain" as well as "Local" pizza experience under their belt. All of them agree that the national pizza chains understand how to deliver a pizza quickly. They also have spent years looking high and low for a higher quality pizza that is delivered quick enough that you are still hungry when it arrives.

That is when the Garlic Jim's concept was born. The "Garlic Guys" now have a gluten-free menu and have figured out how to make delicious gourmet pizza and at the same time provide excellent and fast service to your door. They have perfected the "science" of "prompt pizza delivery" by learning and experimenting. The exciting twist to this is GREAT PIZZA! Never again will you have to choose between great pizza and great service. Garlic Jim's is HERE!

Garlic Jim's boasts an extensive menu of gluten-free "specialty" and "build your own" pizzas, as well as salad and dessert choices.