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Restaurant with some gluten free options in Corona del Mar, CA, Jan 01, 2015
reviewer: Gftraveler from South Riding, VA
Bandera is part of the Hillstone Restaurant Group, which also owns the Gulfstream restaurant nearby in Newport Beach. There isn't a lot on the menu that's gluten free at Bandera, however. We've been here before, and I had recalled that there were more gluten free options. We found ourselves picking up take-out here a few nights ago, and the only things on the menu that were gluten free (according to the manager, who we spoke to on the phone first) were the rotisserie chicken, fish, and the salads (which can be made gluten free if they aren't already). However, even the steaks aren't gluten free, according to the manager, due to the marinade used. Too bad, because they have several good-sounding steaks on the menu.

I will say that our experience was good, since the service was very quick for take-out (even though the restaurant was absolutely packed!) and the rotisserie chicken was tasty.

There aren't a whole lot of places (aside from the typical chains) in this area that offer gluten free menus (most restaurants will accommodate however). So Bandera is a decent choice, as long as you like fish, rotisserie chicken, and salads. (They have wonderful mashed potatoes which are gluten free, and their vegetable of the day -- broccoli -- was good as well...dressed with lemon and a bit of parmesan cheese).

It's too bad they don't change their marinades for the steaks and offer a gluten free bun option for their burgers and sandwiches, as these simple changes would open up a whole lot more options on their menu.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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