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Wonderful gluten-free meal at restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, Oct 02, 2011
reviewer: Smirk61 from ,
I enjoyed one of the most delicious gluten free meals I ever had. My waiter was very knowledgeable and offered me many options. I took his recommendation to start with a Baked Artichoke which is an artichoke baked in XVOO and garlic. I recieved 2 quater piecies of artichoke and let me say it was the tastiest artichoke I have ever eaten. I followed my waiter's recommendation for a main dish but was very surprised by the different options offered to me. I had the Lamb Aglasato with brown rice pasta which is a lamb shank that was the tenderist lamb I have ever had and the sauce was absolutely fantastic. I can\'t wait to dine there again and try some of the other Gluten free options available.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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