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Good gluten free pizza at restaurant in Chantilly, Jan 31, 2019
reviewer: Chrisj from Northern Virginia, VA
This is a new Mellow Mushroom restaurant, located in the Wegmans shopping center in Chantilly. We've been meaning to try it for a while, since we have been to the one in Herndon...and another in North Carolina when traveling. First off, when you walk in the door to this restaurant, you are greeted by the heavenly smell of pizza. It's a nice ambiance, too, with a cool bar area. They offer gluten free pizza here, and there are notations on the main menu about what is gluten free (no separate GF menu). Their gluten free crust is their own, but clearly made off premises and sent in -- or made in advance. (It has a uniform shape, as opposed to being "hand tossed." It is good, though. I get the impression it's healthy...seems to be whole grain or ancient grain, not the typical rice flour base. It has a good texture and taste. I should have asked what it was made from. They only come in the 10" size, which is fine for one person, but frankly, I was still a bit hungry after eating it. I should have ordered a salad, too! You can either order one of their specialty pizzas listed on the menu and marked with a "GF" notation or you can create your own. In the restaurant, our menu showed which toppings were gluten free (marked with a GF), if you were building your own custom pizza. However, they don't seem to notate which toppings are gluten free on the menu on their website ( ). Perhaps it varies by location. They take significant precautions preparing the gluten free pizzas, as explained by our server when I asked him. They make them in a totally separate area of the kitchen. They also note on their menu that "Any pie can be made on a gluten free crust; however, only those pies and ingredients with the GF designation can be made with our allergy-safe procedures. Additional gluten-free items may vary by location; ask your server for details." This probably explains why, at this location, we found GF designation next to many of the toppings. Our son ordered a pepperoni pizza, which looked so good I almost swiped a piece from him! Many of the salads appear to be gluten free, but not marked. It is worth asking about next time, because they have many delicious sounding choices that don't seem to include gluten containing ingredients like croutons. The only downside is that the pizza is on the expensive side. When you add the $2 uncharge for a gluten free crust -- and then pay for each topping if building your own -- it adds up. For example, my custom gluten free pizza with 4 toppings was $19.50 (and, like I said, that's for a 10" size). But if you like trying different types of gluten free pizza, I'd recommend this place, as it's a step up from the norm. You get a more interesting and healthy crust -- with plenty of traditional AND gourmet toppings to choose from. Their Kosmic Karma specialty pizza sounds amazing...I intend to order that next time!

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