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Gluten free gelato in Florence, Italy, Jul 06, 2016
reviewer: Gftraveler from South Riding, VA
Whenever we pass a gelato shop that looks especially good -- and that uses natural looking ingredients -- we try to see if they mention anything about gluten free on their menu or signage. In this case, our instincts were correct. I went in and asked if any of their flavors were gluten free, and the woman at the counter responded definitively that they ALL were (and that they also had individually wrapped gluten free cones). I told here we'd be back after dinner, and we held to our promise. We all tried a variety of their flavors (that's how they do it...they fill your cup with 3-4 small scoops of your flavors of choice). It was very good -- and high quality natural ingredients used. However, it wasn't quite as good or creamy as Grom, our favorite gelato thus far in Italy. Grom does have at least one location in Florence, as well as others all over Italy. Lucky us! Don't miss eating gelato regularly when in Italy -- and your taste may be different, so give a few different gelaterias a try!

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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