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Gluten free at restaurant chain in Boston, Mar 06, 2014
reviewer: MagNificent from Boston, MA
I hadn't eaten fried seafood in 4 years, because it really is very difficult to find gluten free fried seafood. The fish & chips was AMAZING. Perfectly cooked fish with a delicious crispy coating. The fries were great as well. The gluten free rolls were soft, delicious & warm. I was in a rush on my lunch break and quite hungry. I grabbed one of the rolls to gnaw on as I walked back to the office. I was really VERY happy with the roll & surprised I didn't even want to butter it (this is very unusual for me). I did not eat the onion strings that are used as a garnish (I just don't like them) but my coworker said they were delicious, too. I did not go to this location as a part of travel plans, but this was the only site that had reviews of the Legal Seafood's Gluten Free food (thanks for that). The true test always comes the next day for me, if I can get out of bed & be pain free, I know a food is safe for me. I am DELIGHTED to say, I feel GREAT!! One of the first orders of business for me today was to call and thank the restaurant (again) I spoke to the kitchen manager to personally thank the person responsible for making sure I have a new place to safely eat.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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