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Wildly Crazy for Wildfire restaurant's gluten free menu!, Feb 04, 2014
reviewer: 1631NovoDrive from
I love Wildfire because of the extensive gluten-free menu they offer. Also, staff is knowledgable and helpful to those who need to order gluten-free.

The gluten free menu is huge, with a wide range of appetizers, salads, main dishes, sandwiches and desserts. I feel like a normal person when I eat there and not at all restricted on finding something I'll enjoy.

They even have gluten free bread and mac and cheese!

I also appreciate that they offer four or more desserts, and not the usual creme brulee. (I like creme brulee, but I'm jaded on it right now. I get SO TIRED of that being the gluten-free dessert-of-choice at countless other restaurants.)

At Wildfire, however, there's cookies! There's cake! There's ice cream!

And the food beautifully prepared and delicious.

Drinks aren't bad, either! :)

I also love many other Lettuce Entertain you restaurants. They get it, and I'm so glad they do.

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Gluten-free Dining Experience at restaurant in Oak Brook, Illinois, Jan 15, 2014
reviewer: Mkosiek33 from Minooka, IL USA
Before I was diagnosed, we used to go all the time to Wildfire and could never figure out why I felt so bad after I finished my meal. So we stopped going for awhile, until I learned they had a gluten free menu. I was so happy to hear this! So my friend and I went lunch and I advised them I need a gluten free menu. I was happy that the steaks could be prepared gluten free. The only thing I didn't understand was why they don't offer their signature crust as GF? When I asked the server she had no knowledge if they could do this and had to ask the manager (more training needed). Suffice to say, it wasn't option as all the signature crust are made with breadcrumbs. :( The meal was very good and I knew right away from how I felt that it truly was prepared gluten free. I only wish they would offer some of the signature crusts for steaks GF.

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Wildfire, Jul 01, 2008
reviewer: Gluten_free_betty from Aurora, IL USA
When my husband made the reservation online he noted that we would need a gluten free menu and low and behold as we were seated they produced one regular and one gluten free menu...without being reminded. Already I was very impressed! Our waitress went over the menu and some of the gluten free modifications and gave us a few minutes to decide what to order. While she was gone the manager came over to our table and said she was aware that it was not only our first time at the restaurant, but that I would be ordering off the GF menu. She asked if I had any additional questions and offered me a GF toasted bun (that they use for sandwiches) so that I could have some bread with my meal. Hello! How cool is that! I\'m in love with this place! We ordered bacon wrapped scallops. salad minus the croutons, the most amazing \"I want to drink you\" ranch dressing, fillet medallions (oscar), and potatoes au gratin. For the big finale we ordered the flourless chocolate cake that literally melted in my mouth and made my heart sigh in delight. It was divine! I\'ll probably be talking about this amazing gluten free dining experience for years to come. If you ever get the chance to visit Wildfire I give it my highest recommendation.

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