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Celiacs and Vegans Can Have Fun, Too!, Apr 27, 2010
reviewer: Liz2010 from ,
I have many friends that have celiac disease and it was so hard to diagnose. The sad part about it was that when we would all go out as a group to various restaurants and they had very few dishes to offer for someone with Celiac Disease. The ones suffering with the disease would get stuck eating lettuce or something pretty bland do to restaurants refusing to acknowledge that a large percentage of the public do have food allergies. I have found a restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island called FIRE AND ICE that is amazing and has an enormous selection of food for Celiac sufferers, vegetarians, vegans as well as meat and fish eaters! The restaurant is at the Providence Place Mall. Could not believe they have such a enormous round grill in the middle of the restaurant ...the chefs cooked in front of us, entertained us and were extremely pleasant... plus I was able to pick out my own ingredients...meats....veggies..everything from different stations! Never saw this before... If you have children it is child friendly an if you have a large group they accommodate you right on the spot...what neat decor....its a cross between contemporary and chic! I\'m in love.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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