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Amazing pizza, Nov 04, 2009
reviewer: Broussyink from New City, NY
Victor\'s is a traditional local pizza joint here in New City, NY. With a traditional pizza fare, they also offer one amazing gluten free pizza. The workers and owners are all family and have become "one of those" places in downtown New City. When asked where to go for pizza, most New City residents will direct you to Victor\'s. Their gluten free pizza taste like the pizza you remember and they do not kill you on price. An average cheese pizza will run you around 13.00/15.00 but it starts getting a bit pricy when you start adding toppings. The one main problem with their pizza is sometimes they do not cook it long enough -- so when you order, ask them to keep it in the oven for five more minutes. Also, there\'s something about the next day with this pizza. It tastes better the second time around. When we order, we always order two pies and freeze one. Toasted the next time makes the taste really come out. As with some other pizza places around here that serve GF pizza, we\'re noticing the size of the pizzas getting smaller. We found out that they order their dough (already shaped) from an on-line source (we\'re trying to find out), but something tells me it just won\'t taste like Victor\'s if I made it at home. With a dedicated kitchen, burner, utensils and food prep area, you\'ve got to applaud Victor\'s for turning the corner in the gluten free world. Even though I think I can make a better gluten free pizza at home, there\'s nothing like sharing a slice with your family at a traditional pizza place like the old days.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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