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Stir Fry Cafe an OK gluten-free Hit!, Nov 04, 2009
reviewer: Broussyink from New City, NY
Stir Crazy is a Fresh Wok-based restaurant located on the 4th Floor of the Palisades Center Mall in West Nyack, NY. You can order right off the menu or walk over to the help-yourself fresh veggie bar and make your own stir fry. The chefs make the stir fry right in front of you although I don\'t go during the main hours because I\'ve seen them use the same wok for both gluten free and non-gluten free meals. Although I haven\'t done the research to know if the toxins burn off in the wok, so I make it a point to ask for a station that isn\'t used normally and I go during the off hours. The menu is a little daunting and most items are not gluten free because they use sauces that are integrated early into the food prep (I haven\'t asked yet if they can be made w/out the sauce because I always go to the wok station). By making my own stir fry, I\'m able make the largest meal ever witnessed in restaurant. No joke! Enough for two-three meals at best. The wok station is fresh most of the time and you have to tell the wait staff BEFORE you go up to the bar that you are gluten free so they can write it on your ticket. By presenting the chef with your choices he immediately goes to a seperate refrigerator for the meat of your choice and has a separate compartment for the sauces. Make sure you tell them how much sauce you want with your stir fry because they will over sauce the meal. I made this mistake a couple of times and found my plate puddled. The staff are very accommodating and I\'ve found the veggie station very ornate and full of choices just sometimes I\'ve found the veggies a little old and expiring. Make sure you peruse the station before you go in. The location of this is perfect (next to the movie theatre in the mall), I would just remind everyone to look at the veggie station before picking the make your own wok option.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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