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Wonderful restaurant for gluten free (and vegan) diners in Australia, Mar 31, 2015
reviewer: Eatable from our base in Denmark and Germany
You'd be forgiven for thinking a vegan restaurant is all tofu and bean sprouts. At Smith & Daughters you'll find a Latin American inspired menu that will even satisfy meat eaters!

We started with the Layered Queso Dip, with spice black beans, a gorgeous cashew 'cheese' and a side of rice crackers. Normally this dish is served with corn chips but we're also intolerant to corn so the lovely chef tweaked it a little for us.

The second course was an Artichoke and Chickpea Salad, it was a little heavy on the oil but delicious nonetheless.

The show-stopper was the dessert: Tarta de Chocolate Azteca, how's your Spanish? :-) This chocolate tart had a gluten-free biscuit base, a layer of puréed dates and finally a delicious Aztec chocolate fudge on top. Along side this masterpiece was freshly made avocado ice cream. Gorgeous!

Overall the food was very satisfying and very 'safe' -- this was because of the exceedingly helpful waitstaff, who went out of their way to take care of our food intolerances: gluten, corn, dairy and soy.

We recommend a visit to Smith & Daughters, whether you're gluten intolerant, vegan or just love food!

<3 Eatable

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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