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Fresh Gluten Free Baked Products in Northport, New York, Nov 07, 2010
reviewer: CelticCeliac from Northport, New York
1014 Coffee House makes a lot of effort to make it obvious that there are gluten free products in their store. It was noted in their front window, written on their menu board and placed throughout the store on signs. Gluten Free options were limited to brownies and cupcakes but that didn\'t matter for two reasons. First, there are very few local places that offer FRESH gluten free baked goods and you could tell immediately that everything there was fresh. Secondly, the friendliness of the staff and the atmosphere of the place itself made it very much worth it regardless of the limited options. The person behind the counter when we were there let me know that they take particular care for their gluten free products and that they were hoping to enhance their options shortly. She was incredibly friendly and very open to answering my questions. The Coffee House itself is small but very charming with comfortable seating. I opted to go with the cupcake and a vitamin water. I am going to say this right out: This was probably the Best cupcake I have had after going gluten free. I was convinced that it couldn\'t possibly be gluten free. It was chocolate with vanilla and chocolate swirled icing. The icing wasn\'t on anything else in the store that I could see. It was moist and perfectly mushy, something lacking from a lot of gluten free baked goods. The girl behind the counter reassured me that it was in fact gluten free and I was instantly sold. I will be going back and I recommend you stop by. Maybe if we mention the love we have for their fresh products there will eventually be more to offer! SUBMITTED BY CELTIC CELIAC

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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