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RM Bistro is a Gluten Free MUST Visit in Commack, NY, Dec 03, 2016
reviewer: CelticCeliac from Huntington Station, New Y
RM Bistro is a new take on Indian cuisine, fusing classic Indian flavors with American, Mediterranean, and other cooking styles and ingredients; think Greek style salad jazzed up with masala hummus and charred kale for example. The Crispy Artichoke Hearts is another must try "taste." These chickpea flour and tumeric battered and fried bites are not oily, and they pair mindblowingly well with the sauce they are served with.

While the menu indicates only gluten free appetizers and breads, in the tradition of Indian cuisine almost every main entree can be made gluten free. For seafood try the Shrimp Baingan Bhartha, a transitional eggplant dish topped with shrimp. Your mouth will thank you for the sweetness and spice that meets it with every bite, and the shrimp is a good palate cleanser. Seafood not your e game? Try ANY of their vegetable dishes, we've gone two times and we've had the Aloo Gobhi (potato and cauliflower), Bhindi Masala (Okra), and the RM Shahi Vegetables (Mixed vegetables). We can't speak to their meat dishes, but I'm sure they are equally as phenomenal.

Pair those main dishes with the Besan Pura (chickpea pancakes) if you miss the naan, and add some of the house hot sauce if you want it spicy (and I mean super spicy). The family doesn't stop with main dishes either, they go above and beyond with their dessert and drink options as well. I cannot recommend enough the Ice Cream Trio if you can have dairy. Each flavor is served in its own little dish atop of a compote of nuts and fruits. It was perfect!

The food is a melody of flavor and texture, each dish taking on its own personality. What I like best is that the flavors are not lost in each other. For instance, many of the dishes are light on sauce compared to other Indian restaurants which essentially smother their meat / seafood / vegetables in sauce. This lets you taste the sauce AND the ingredients, bringing out the natural flavors of both and making each bite a gastronomic powerhouse.

Beyond the food RM Bistro is also encouraging music, dance and home cooking. On Friday nights you can find local musicians and belly dancers entertaining the guests. And if going out isn't your thing, you can even get home cooking classes (including history of food, shopping, and ingredient picking) from the chefs.

If you are looking for a phenomenal gluten free experience look no further than RM Bistro, the food and the atmosphere feeds your heart as well as your belly. You won't go hungry.

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A restaurant offering gluten free in Commack, NY that lives up to it's name, Dec 26, 2010
reviewer: CelticCeliac from Northport, New York
This is a place the definitely lives up to its name and made my world perfect for a night. Gluten free options were clearly labeled on the menu and were abundant. The entire staff, including the bartenders, were incredibly friendly and highly knowledgeable about gluten free cooking and eating. In fact, the waiter was ahead of me with the typical gluten free questions such as "was this cooked in a dedicated fryer?" and answered them before I even asked. The specials of the day were provided to the waiter and included whether they were gluten free or not. All in all the meal was simply perfect. Each item was a fusion of amazing complimentary and unique flavors that took a simple product and formed it into an out of this world unique item. Quite simply, I wanted to hug the chef by the end of the night. This meal would have filled anyone's heart, and mouth, with perfection. We supplemented our meal with White Wine Sangria and a Cucumber Lemon Drop (WOW!) drink, both of which I recommend if you drink. While pricier than an average meal, it was well worth it. On the down side I went for date night and was met with a smaller than expected, and incredibly busy, restaurant. This small size, and busy, loud setting is the only downfall of Perfecto Mundo. I highly recommend making a reservation or going during a lower traffic time, such as early evening on a week day. Submitted by Celtic Celiac

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Great place to get a gluten-free meal in Commack, New York, Oct 14, 2010
reviewer: Jaones73 from ,
Perfecto Mundo has a wide variety of choices on their menu, most of which are gluten-free! For a night out, whether eating gluten-free or not, I highly recommend Perfecto Mundo. I had a great experience. The atmosphere is great, the wait staff is attentive and friendly and not to mention, the food is absolutely delicious!

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