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Amazing Gluten Free & Vegan Bakery & Cafe in Salt Lake City, Aug 30, 2013
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CIty Cakes Cafe & Bakery in Salt Lake City is a great destination for gluten free travelers. City Cakes has a large selection of delicious gluten free options, including: cakes, cookies, muffins, scones, cupcakes, and other sweet treats. My family, especially my five-year old son, adored the gluten free pumpkin & blueberry muffins- which were both super moist and flavorful. Other favorites were the peanut butter bar, the double chocolate cookie, and the red velvet cupcake. There are even gluten free doughnuts!

In addition to the many gluten free baked goods, City Cakes also offers many choices to grab a quick, healthy (&vegan!) gluten free lunch or dinner. This includes waffles, sandwiches, (made on their delicious in-house made gluten free bread- so much better than that dry stuff you get in the stores) daily soups, chili, and even vegan mac & cheese (made on request.) The mac & cheese is a must, especially for any vegan travelers, since it is made with City Cakes' signature gluten free "cheeze" sauce. Yummy!

The staff is extremely conscientious about avoiding cross-contamination with non-gluten free items. Not only is the staff very knowledgeable about what is and is not gluten free, but everything is clearly marked in the display case.

City Cakes & Cafe is definitely worth the trip. As a vegan traveler with gluten free family members, CIty Cakes had options for everyone.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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