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Striving to Achieve Balance: A Unique gluten-free dining Experience in Bay Shore, NY, Jan 10, 2011
reviewer: CelticCeliac from Northport, NY
Tula is the Sanskrit word for Balance, which is what this restaurant tried to achieve by catering to both regular eaters, vegetarians and gluten free folks alike. However, I would say Tula Kitchen is striving to achieve Balance but is not quite there yet. Our reservation was for 8pm, however due to a late arriving party before us we did not sit until around 9pm. There was no other table large enough to hold our party, a bit of a disappointment. I was disappointed in waiting at the bar, and waiting for drinks, before being sat down to eat. While a nice environment I do not feel that the layout was done effectively. The owner was the hostess this night and was very happy to hand over the gluten free menu. However, there is only one copy of the menu, which is a regular menu with gluten free items marked off by hand. The fact that products could be made gluten free is not mentioned on their website or on the regular menus themselves, an unfortunate thing given that this could draw more gluten free patrons. Menu items were a unique fusion of various cultural flavors. GF options were abundant although limited in variety, mostly to salads, in my opinion. Items were well priced for the size and amount of food you received. The food quality was perfect for my salad, perfectly cooked chicken and a great pairing of flavors. However, when I asked my non Gluten Free friends about their items they were not as thrilled. When we were leaving I asked the owner why she wanted to open such a gluten free and Vegetarian friendly restaurant to which she responded that she just wanted a place for everyone to come, eat and enjoy themselves without being tied down by food restrictions. I think this is a great thought and perfect idea but they could improve by enhancing gf options, better seating, and improved hospitality (especially at the bar). Sumbitted by Celtic Celiac:

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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