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Not a very safe experience, Apr 06, 2009
reviewer: Gftraveler from South Riding, VA, USA
Although we found this restaurant listed among a list of Park City restaurants having "gluten free items" on the menu, I can\'t comfortably recommend this place. We ate here our first night on a family ski trip to Park City, on the way to our hotel. It\'s a nice enough place, but they just aren\'t very knowledgeable about g-f food prep. Our son -- and mother in law who was dining with us -- both have Celiac. My mother-in- law ordered a turkey burger (no bun) and side salad. They seemed to get the order right, but she said it was pretty tasteless. We figured the chicken quesadilla might be a good bet for our son, since we saw corn tortillas mentioned several places on the menu. We specified that the quesadilla would have to be made with CORN tortillas, not FLOUR tortillas, when we ordered, and we also gave our waitress our bilingual Triumph Dining Card (English and Spanish), which we were glad we had on hand, since the waitress said the kitchen staff only spoke Spanish. I\'m not sure they read or understood it, though. Our waitress was unfamiliar with g-f food prep, but the manager had seemed knowledgeable when we arrived at the restaurant and had suggested just explaining to our server exactly what we needed. Well...the mistake was partly ours...we should have kept the manager involved. The server was a bit rude about everything, and when the quesadilla for our son came out, it looked a bit suspect. Was it a flour or corn tortilla? I had ordered carnitas, and they came with small corn tortillas. My son\'s quesadilla used a much larger tortilla, however, which made me nervous. It was dusted with corn flour, but it was hard to tell if the tortilla itself was corn or flour. I got up to talk to the manager, who said he\'d "triple checked" the order. So I went back to the table, where my son was just starting on the quesadilla, which was now just cool enough to eat. A minute or two later, the manager came to our table, whisked the meal away, and said he wanted to double check. He came back a few minutes later with a much different looking quesadilla, reassuring and scary at the same time. We\'ll never know what the first quesadilla was, but fortunately my son didn\'t seem to get sick from the experience. That would have been a very unwelcome experience on the first night of our week-long trip. Again, the manager meant well, but if you choose to dine here, be VERY specific about what you want and how it should be prepared, and talk to the manager directly.

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