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Close call dining gluten free at restaurant on Snowmass mountain, Mar 21, 2016
reviewer: Gftraveler from South Riding, VA
This is somewhat of a long story, but when skiing Snowmass Mountain, we decided to eat lunch at Gwyn's High Alpine restaurant, which is located mid-mountain. The previous day we'd dined at another restaurant run by Aspen Snowmass and had a great experience with their knowledge of how to safely prepare gluten free meals. Gwyn's, however, is independently owned and run. They have one side that is sit-down table service -- and apparently very good. The other side of the restaurant, where we ate, is cafeteria style, where you progress through a line and order. They have many options, and we figured it was a good sign that certain items on the menu were labeled gluten free (chicken stew, burgers on GF buns, salads, and some other items I can't recall). My son wanted a hot dog (listed on the GF menu but without a GF hot dog bun). So he decided that without the bun, he would choose something else. One of the men in the kitchen suggested a rice bowl with chicken, rice, pineapple, and gluten free teriyaki sauce. I stressed the importance of it being gluten free and told them my son had Celiac. The gentleman said he understood and instructed another person to prepare the dish gluten free. A few minutes later when they handed it to me, they said "gluten free rice bowl." I double checked to make sure the chicken was gluten free, since I tasted a piece and could tell it was marinated. They told me it was, indeed, gluten free. However, a few minutes later, a woman, who we later learned was Gwyn, the owner, was walking around the dining room carrying a small container of what looked like soy sauce and clearly trying to find someone at a table. I flagged her down, and she told us that she wasn't sure if the teriyaki sauce we had been given was indeed gluten free. She couldn't seem to get confirmation from her kitchen manager as to whether they gave us the right sauce. Well, this was after my son had taken a few bites, and he was literally almost in tears when he heard this, this being our second day of a 7 day ski vacation. Clearly, he was scared he'd get sick. Gwyn was so sincerely apologetic. I explained to her again that the kitchen staff seemed to know what they were doing when we placed our order and delivered us the meal...and that they had told me the sauce was gluten free. But she just couldn't be certain that there hadn't been a mix up. She offered to make things right in whatever way she could. She made our son a fresh bowl of chicken and rice (this time without any sauce!), and fortunately, our son did NOT get sick. Clearly, they must have given us the GF teriyaki sauce as we'd ordered initially with the first rice bowl. However, it caused us quite a scare. We didn't know if our son would get sick skiing down the slopes in the next hour or so. Fortunately, everything was fine. If you go to this restaurant, just ask for Gwyn to make sure everything is done correctly. I should have done was a good lesson learned and reminder, that when ordering cafeteria-style, you can never be too careful. Gwyn kept checking back with us while we finished our meal, and she refunded our full bill for our lunch.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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