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Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament has a gluten-free menu, Aug 11, 2010
reviewer: Docmark from Rockville, MD
We went to the Medieval Times recently when our sons were invited to a Birthday party for a friend of theirs. Being close friends of ours as well, the parents invited us adults to join them for the dinner/tournament. We were glad we gave us a chance to watch the great show and eat what turned out to be a very delicious dinner, with accommodations made for our son who is gluten-free. The first course was tomato soup, which was gluten-free and garlic bread (which was not...and no substitute was presented). A strawberry "slushie" (like a virgin strawberry daiquiri) was also served, although I think this may have just been part of the "Birthday package." But that was gluten-free, too, and very good. A choice of soft drinks or unsweetened tea was also served. Next came a plate with a roasted half-chicken, a sparerib, and a half of a seasoned baked potato. Keep in mind, you do NOT get silverware during this eat as they did in Medieval times, which entails "drinking" the soup and eating everything else with your hands -- loads of fun for the kids! The roasted chicken was quite possibly the best I\'ve ever joke! It was wonderfully flavorful, and the meat literally fell off the bone, it was so tender. A "gluten-free" version without seasoning was presented to our son, and he was also served a 1/2 potato without seasoning as well. He seemed to enjoy everything, including the sparerib, and I\'m sure that salt and pepper on the wonderfully moist roasted chicken and the potato was flavorful enough for him. Needless to say, we were stuffed by this point, and then we were served coffee and TWO desserts: a delicious apple turnover pastry as well as a piece of Birthday cake. Our son was given an all natural gluten-free lemon Italian ice, which he enjoyed. The show lasted almost two hours, and it re-created the Medieval jousting and other games on horseback and wove a story into the event. The "guests" of the royal court enjoyed cheering their knights on during the tournament, with each section rooting for a different knight. I highly recommend a night at Medieval Times (they have at least two shows per night, at least on weekends) for a special family event. Great for kids of all ages, and their gluten-free menu enables you to include everyone and not worry about menu options. I\'m giving it 4.5 stars instead of 5 just because you don\'t have a "choice" of items to eat, and I think they could have come up with a substitute for the bread (like a gluten-free roll) and some more exciting seasoning on the gluten-free version of the chicken and potato (or just use a seasoning for everyone that is gluten-free).

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