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Not a good place to dine gluten free, Jun 25, 2013
reviewer: Mickig from
What a disaster. When I attended the school, there were basically no gluten-free options. The main dining facility, The Diner, is just pizza, pasta, nasty meat, and a disgusting salad bar. I discovered there was nothing for me to eat there on the first day of school, so I contacted the person in charge of dietary issues and had a meeting with her. She told me about a gluten-free freezer in the back of the kitchen which held the following things: freezer burned bread, brownies and nasty rice noodle pasta microwavable meals. Someone cannot live on this food, it was absolutely disgusting. To top it off, it was embarrassing and inconvenient to have to go to a separate area and heat up nasty frozen food. Also, the workers had absolutely no idea what gluten free was so there was a lot of cross contamination which made for a lot of humiliating experiences like throwing away food, etc. I was in the Food Allergy Awareness Club before I left and I think they might have made some changes since December, but when I attended the school it was a nightmare and a half.

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Gluten Free at University of Maryland, Jan 28, 2013
reviewer: Glutenfreeterp from College Park, MD
The food at the University of Maryland dining halls is far from satisfactory. The only actual Gluten Free bread products available are located in the back kitchen in a dedicated freezer that requires finding a chef to unlock it. This is incredibly time consuming, and causes your friends to wait for you. If you wish to have pasta or even french fries, you have to call 20 minutes ahead to a rarely answered phone and then wait. As a college student, spontaneity is an everyday occurrence and calling 20 minutes ahead is a hassle to say the least. If you choose to go to the diner without calling your options are salad, plain grilled chicken (with highly likely cross-contamination on a flat top), salad, occasionally roasted chicken, mashed potatoes (still questionable), or corn. Breakfast there is fruity pebbles and eggs. I find myself eating in my dorm more than in the north campus dining hall which is the one closest to my dorm. The south campus dining hall is slightly better in that in the afternoon they have stir fry with rice noodles, but alas only one sauce is gluten free. Honestly, the options are limited all across campus and the staff doesn't seem too concerned. The vegan station is great and provides them with so many options, but we are yet to have a gluten free station. If you have a very severe reaction I would not say that the dining hall is careful about cross contamination at all. The staff is always glazed over and there are language barriers, causing a simple "no bun"request to wreak havoc. I have spoken to the dining hall staff myself and only accomplished minor improvements like actual gluten free french fries and wraps, but you still have to call ahead which defeats the purpose. I have all but given up on the dining halls and have retired myself to the all so dreary salad bar land, a place I will most likely remain until I graduate.

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