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New Italian restaurant with gluten-free selections in Fairfax, VA, Jun 27, 2011
reviewer: Gftraveler from South Riding, VA, USA
We decided to try this new restaurant owned by Great American Restaurant Group. It\'s right near another one of their restaurants in Fairfax Corner: Coastal Flats. I have to say I was disappointed with the "Low Gluten" menu. It seemed more limited than some of the restaurant group\'s other menus, like the one at Coastal Flats. This is an Italian restaurant, but they don\'t offer gluten-free pasta, which would certainly be a relatively easy thing to do (just needs a dedicated pot on the stove). Most of the entrees on the "Low Gluten" menu were steaks, but they were all very plain in preparation, with annoying notation after notation saying things like, "no au jus" or "no mushrooms," etc. Basically you get a plain steak or UNmarinated breast of chicken or fish. I appreciate them offering a low-gluten menu, but it seems, knowing the high quality of everything else they do, they could be offering SO much more. Why aren\'t the mushrooms gluten-free? Why can\'t they use some sort of marinade that\'s GF for a chicken breast to make it exciting? After all, why go out if you\'re just going to get a plain, unmarinated chicken breast...we can all do that at home! They did have several salads to choose from, including the Chopped Salad I ordered that was GF as long as you asked them to hold the croutons. They also have their famously delicious flourless waffle dessert that their other restaurants offer. But our son ended up just ordering a plain cheeseburger (no bun, of course), and they even forgot the cheese on it. The only side that\'s gluten-free, other than asparagus and broccolini, is the mashed potatoes...not the redskin potatoes...not the fries...not even the polenta. Why not? Again, I can\'t help but think that simple modifications could be made in order to make a lot of these things naturally GF. They should be...they are potatoes and corn-based dishes. I recall one of the other GAR Group restaurants mentioning that they use a soy butter that\'s not GF for a lot of their cooking. There are a lot of other butter options that can be substituted that would allow GF folks to have more ordering options in GAR\'s restaurants. To top it off, they have their own bakery, but they don\'t offer any GF bread. I asked if our son could get some raw carrots to munch on since he couldn\'t have the bread, and they brought some. But then they showed up on our bill for $4!! That\'s just really annoying. You order a burger, can\'t get a bun (another easy thing to keep on hand, given the many good GF buns available now that can be kept in the freezer and served when requested), can\'t eat the bread and then get charged for carrots!! I don\'t think we\'ll be going back to this restaurant...there are so many more places now with extensive GF menus that don\'t make you feel like you\'re missing out.

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