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5 Guys in Nashville, Sep 30, 2008
reviewer: Terob from Nashville, TN
I ate at 5 Guys for the first time last weekend. My daughter wasn\'t sure I could eat there because they only have burgers and fries. So I approached the man behind the register and asked my battery of questions. He turned out to be the manager. I do not remember his name, unfortunately. He asked if I had a wheat/gluten allergy, so he was versed in Celiac needs. He assured me they could take care of my requests with no problems. I watched the cook put on clean gloves, take my burger and put it on a clean part of the grill, even though they don\'t cook anything with breading on that grill. The fries are cut fresh and fried in peanut oil with nothing else going into the oil but the potatoes. When my burger was cooked it was immediately put on a clean piece of foil and the condiments I asked for were added. It was wrapped in lettuce, folded and put in it\'s own bag. There is no seasoning added to the burger. The fries are sprinkled with salt and put in their own paper container. My burger was delicious and the fires were some of the best I\'ve ever eaten. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone with Celiac. The people were friendly, accomodating and knowledgeable of my needs.

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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