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Bakery in Redlands, California offers gluten free, May 04, 2015
reviewer: GFTS from
Muffin Top Bakery, located in Redlands, CA has worked hard to come up with gluten free recipes that taste just as good as the conventional goodies they offer. Instead of wheat flour, this bakery uses potato, rice, and tapioca flours for the gluten free menu items. Sugar free and vegan treats are also available. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can try the cinnamon rolls, apple and cherry turnovers, lemon squares, brownies, or any of the various muffins. Everyday bread and rolls are also available without gluten. Because this bakery does use wheat flour to make some of its menu items, there is a chance cross contamination may occur. The gluten free offerings can be seen here:

Showing 1 to 1 of 1 reviews

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