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Sammy G's Tavern
3800 Tinsley Drive
High Point, NC 27265

1.5 Palms
1.5 Palms
They don't know what gluten is. May 28, 2014
reviewer: Huycke from South Riding, VA

I agree with the previous reviewer. I was hoping things had improved, but clearly they did not. We went for a big family graduation party. Luckily we got there early and I could discuss the menu with the manager. I was concerned and disappointed with his lack of knowledge of what gluten is. He told me the that mashed potatoes were not on the Gluten Free menu due to the gluten in the potatoes.
Huh? When I told him potatoes are gluten free, he told me "well, you know it's because of the milk and butter."
Huh? I told him that milk and butter do not have gluten and he said, "well most people who want gluten free don't want that stuff either" oh boy.
Then I asked about the Teriyaki Chicken and mentioned that usually soy sauce has gluten. He says, "well it's not really gluten free". WHAT?? It's on the Gluten Free menu - a completely separate menu!
In the end after much discussion my daughter had a steak with corn. She did not get sick, thankfully. I hope there was no cross contamination, as they assured me it was prepped separate.
Scary place for celiacs.

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