About Legal Sea Foods Gluten Free Menu

Since 1950 when George Berkowitz opened his fish market next to his father’s grocery store in Inman Square in Cambridge, MA, the “Legal” name has been synonymous with quality and freshness. This humble seafood market was named after his father Harry’s “Legal Cash Market” where customers were given “Legal Stamps” (forerunners of S&H green stamps) with their purchases.

In 1968, the Berkowitz family opened its first seafood restaurant, right next to the fish market. The fish was simply prepared, either broiled or fried, and served on paper plates at communal picnic tables. Despite the low-key trappings, the food was second to none and word spread quickly. This early success paved the way for the family philosophy: Legal must remain primarily a fish company, though also in the restaurant business. Legal Sea Foods was born from these modest beginnings.

George´s son, Roger, is now at the helm working hard to make sure the company never loses sight of its proud tradition and core values. Taste what “If it isn’t Fresh, it isn’t Legal!” means at any of their over 30 locations in nine states and the District of Columbia. Legal Sea Foods boasts an extensive gluten-free menu.To view their gluten-free selections, first click on "Menus and More" link under any of their locations on the page linked above. Then select a particular menu (Lunch, Dinner, Dessert) from the links on the right-hand side of the page. A red wheat symbol denotes the many items on the menu that can be prepared without gluten.