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Dedicated Gluten Free Dining Hall as of 4/16,
March 17, 2017

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Auburn has a dedicated Gluten-free only Diner on campus- the first one in the country AMOF!!! I am an alumni from Auburn, but was not diagnosed with Celiac until long after I graduated from there. When I visited the campus fall of 2016, I discovered Plains To Plate, and I ate there once. So proud of my alma mater for having this available on campus. Every single item and ingredient in the Diner is gluten free. The food was great. The peace of mind-even better. Hope this is the start of more of the same on college campuses across the country. I have often thought how difficult it would be to have a gluten intolerance while living on a college campus. So thank you Auburn and War Eagle!!!!

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Auburn University/gluten-free experience,
January 02, 2012

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My daughter made the usual college tour and chose Auburn University with excitement. Unfortunately, trying to get gluten-free food on campus took quite an effort. I was immediately told my daughter should move off campus. When I said that wasn't an option, I was quickly given a list of grocery stores in the area that carried gluten-free items - she would have to take a bus to eat, even though it was mandatory to pay for a meal plan she couldn't use. Then the offer came to give her a waiver for the meal plan.... This coupled with a freshman away from home just getting settled prompted me to dig in a bit. I spent 2 months making calls and prodding, finally reciting the "we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way." That was quickly understood, so I recommend that anyone going through the same troubles try gentle prodding only a short period of time before citing the disabilities act (they must legally provide food for your child that won't make them sick and they know it). Then I was given Kim Troupe and Rob McKinnell's # (334-844-3452), to get a special exception for a toaster oven in her room (the college is ok with freezer and microwave). Once they received a letter from her doctor indicating the need she was allowed to get one. The shining star in the process was meeting with Emil Topel, the chef, from Chartwells (off campus food service). He gave my daughter the complete list of gluten-free options (all frozen pre-made) available through Chartwell and ordered everything she marked off as wanting to have available. He also made the food available in 2 dining halls, and pointed out what was available gluten-free already on campus (not much but a few things). He stashed more g-f food in "take-out" and much to his surprise word must get around pretty quickly as the stock ran out weekly. This was the year of the ace football team and one of the players had celiac disease.....not that this had anything to do with the accommodations. I would like to think our efforts to educate and the receptive nature of this chef made all the difference but who knows. So, 2 thumbs up for Chartwells chef, Emil Topel; 1 thumb down for the administration for trying to force I'm sure not the first freshman off campus rather than deal with the issue; and, 1 thumb up for them coming through in the end. As an aside, a drive to Earth Fare provides everything a student would need from lunchmeat and breads, desserts, you name it/multiple selections to stuff a frige and freezer. It really helped my daughter survive her 1st year on campus. She loves AU!

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