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Gluten free subs at nationwide sandwich chain,
February 14, 2019

4.5 Palms
4.5 Palms
Although Jersey Mike's rolled out gluten free sub rolls (Udi's brand) at all of their locations nationwide over a year ago, we hadn't yet tried them. I was a bit nervous about the cross contamination potential. However, we recently went to our local Jersey Mike's at a slightly off-peak time (2 pm on a Sunday) so that it wouldn't be so crowded and we could talk to a manager. I was very impressed with how seriously they took gluten free orders. Of course, I prefaced the conversation with the manager with an explanation of how our son is gluten free for medical reasons. He assured me that all meats and ingredients for the subs are gluten free, with the exception of the meatballs and the chicken parm (and a few other items from the hot subs menu). He said they clean the slicer (even though I don't think any bread ever gets sliced on it -- only meats and cheeses), change their gloves, etc. They also wiped down all the surfaces even though they prepared our son's gluten free sub on a tray with a paper liner (so the bread never even touched the countertop). They even used a squeeze bottle of mayonnaise, instead of using the spreader and mayo in the bin. The only potential I can imagine for a very slight risk of cross contamination would be the fact that workers have dipped their gloved hands into the shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle bins when preparing regular subs. But I would imagine the risk is small, as they typically are only touching the condiments that end up on the sandwich they are making (they are not touching all the sliced tomatoes with their gloves that may contain a bit a gluten from bread crumbs). If you are concerned about that, I'm absolutely sure you could ask the manager for some "fresh" (untouched) lettuce, tomato, onions from in the back. What makes these subs special is that all the deli meats and cheeses are fresh sliced, thin. The roast beef is sliced from a freshly roasted cut of beef -- always perfectly medium rare and so fresh and flavorful. My son got the Club Supreme, which is also my favorite. It includes the roast beef, turkey, Swiss cheese, and bacon. I recommend getting your sandwich "Mike's Way," which includes shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, thin-sliced onions, oil and red wine vinegar, and their signature blend of salt, pepper, oregano and other spices. It is amazing! I highly recommend this sandwich chain. Not only are they now gluten-free friendly, but we find their product to be fresher and higher quality than other sandwich chains (and the portions are generous). The Udi's gluten free sub roll is equivalent to their "regular" size (which is their medium size). They also have a mini size and a giant size sub. You can go to this page and click on any category (i.e. Cold Subs or Hot Subs) to see whether any of the selections contain gluten:

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