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NCL Gluten Free Cruising,
January 02, 2010
Reviewer: from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontar

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NCL has the best setup to accomodate gluten free diets out of all the major cruise lines. We have been on 6 cruises on four different lines, and so far found NCL has the best gluten free food. This being said, I cannot vouch for Princess, Celebrity (the latter I understand does claim to suit meals to your gluten free needs). As for NCL, they are the best because they are prepared with the right ingredients for gluten free food and they prepare all meals to suit on demand. This means they have rice pasta, and if you order any dish from the menu, on the spot (no pre- ordering the night before), they will make it completely gluten free, without comprimising the dish in any way. So if it has a sauce on it, it will be on there, less the wheat flour in it. I must clarify, that on occation, there were unable to prepare a dish, because of key, specific ingredients used for that dish which cannot be replicated gluten free, of which the whole dish hinged on. There was one time side dish and sauce could not be made for this reason, but recommended some substitute for this that went well with the main part of the meal. Yes, they had real gluten free pizzas, pastas, breads, and sauces and they all tasted really great. So far they have also been consistant, but time will tell. For this reason we will now only use this line and recommend it to anyone else. Now before you say that the gluten free food cannot be that good as other reports are that the food is not good to start with on NCL, consider what the bad review is comparing too. I (me the non-gluten free eater who writes this in behalf my spouse) found that the food is not in the category of fussion, or exotic. It will not be spicy or too out there. This is often available on other lines and some high end restaurants. But I have also heard many say they did not like those types of foods as well, so NCL may be leaning to the other side of person tastes. Also the main dining room did not have as much selection as other did. This being said, the buffet was great, and better than any other I had seen at sea, also the specialty restaurants were exceptional, with a cover charge of $5-20 per person (a small cost compared to the total trip overall). The food in general is more geared to family fare than exotic, foreign, adult only dining meals. Remember if you want your curried lamb really hot, tell the waiter, as the food is made to order and not just prepared the same for everyone. Food on some other ships overall were better to some extent, not significantly though and some ships had worse food overall. NCL is consistant and you will be well taken care of. I have rated the food based on a combination of overall food quality in general and also took into consideration the gluten free side of things.

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