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Carnival Inspiration Cruise,
May 15, 2010

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5.0 Palms
I was diagnosed with Celiac less than a year ago, and this was my first vacation being gluten free. I did a lot of research online to see whether it would be best to go to a resort or on a cruise. There seemed to be a lot of great reviews about carnival on the web, and their website stated that they could accommodate many different diets, including gluten free. There were, however, just as many reviews by people saying Carnival didn't go out of their way whatsoever for them. I wen't into it with no real expectations, knowing it was the luck of the draw. We (my boyfriend and I) just got back from our cruise a few days ago, and I can say that I would cruise again with Carnival, with no hesitation at all. I didn't have to fill out a sheet explaining my allergy like many have before me, apparently they don't do that anymore. All I had to do was call guest services and notify them of my intolerance to gluten and it was all set. They told me to go speak to the matre d' when I got on board to tell them as well. The first night we went to the dining room, I got a bit nervous and thought that this was going to be a mistake. When I sat down I told our waiter that I had to order a special gluten free meal (as the matre d' had told me to tell my waiter). My waiter said that the meals had to be ordered special the night before. This was where I started to panic. I just gave my waiter and my boyfriend a blank stare because I didn't know what else to do. I had no idea what on the menu I was alowed to have. After a few moments hesitation the waiter seemed to have an idea and offered to go get the hostess so she could help me order. From there the rest was complete smooth sailing. The hostess was absolutly amazing and extreamly knowledgeable. She came over and introduced herself, and she told me which items on the menu were gluten free that night. After my meal she came over to ask how my dinner was and gave me the menu for the next day's meals and took my order for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the following day. She let me choose whatever I wanted and they made it gluten free. I had gluten free bread brought to my table every night (didn't taste the greatest but it was a very nice gesture that I had bread served to me just like everyone else at the table). And they brought it in a separate basket so there was no cross contaimination. They also had gluten free french toast, pancakes and pasta. For dessert on the last night they brougt me out their famous chocolate melting cake made especially gluten free for me, without me even ordering it! That was such a nice gesture. I did not feel left out at all while eating in the dining room. 2 or 3 of the nights my boyfriend and I actually ate the same meal (his prepared normal and mine gf). I didn't miss out on bread like I am used to doing at restaurants or even desserts! The buffet is a slight different story. Breakfast was easy becuase I could have the eggs (make sure they are real and not egg substitute) bacon, potatoes, coffee, etc. lunch was a lot harder. I ended up eating a hotdog w/o a bun and fries anyday that we didn't make it to the dining room on time. I am not sure if the fries have cross contamination or not.. I am not extreamly sensitive as I know some people are, so I would double check before you eat the fries if you are extreamly sensitive. One night we tried to eat dinner in the buffet because I know my boyfriend wanted to try it, but we ended up going to the dining room because there was nothing that I knew I could eat, except for a baked potato. I brought gf snacks with me, just in case, but I never touched them. There is a huge variety of food and there always seems to be something to eat. There was room service, but seemed like it was just sandwiches on the menu which was kind of unfortunate. Overall I had an amazing experience, one that definatly surpassed my expectations. I was very pleased with how knowlegeable the hostess was and how willing they were to prepare anything I wanted off the menu. I am so used to going into restaurants and the wait staff not even knowing what gluten was so this was a very pleasant change. I can't say for all Carnival ships but I can definatly vouch for the Inspiration. Absolutly outstanding.

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Wonderful Gluten Free Cruise,
March 17, 2009

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5.0 Palms
I was very nervous to plan my first gluten free vacation and I read about how accommodating CARNIVAL was. I called them and made sure they knew I was coming on board and worked with me very closely on my food for the week. (Talk to the hostess once on board) Every night at dinner they would come to me with the menu for every meal the next day and I could pick anything I wanted and it would be adjusted to my needs! They would walk through the buffet line with me and show me what was safe if the meal was not sit-down. They brought gluten free bread to every meal for me and had gluten free pancakes and pasta available on request. I felt very safe eating everything that was prepared for me and I did not feel like I was missing out at all compared to what my friends were eating all week. I did not get sick once either. The entire dining staff made it so easy and comfortable for me to eat that being gluten free was not a worry and I got to enjoy my vacation. Awesome service! Amazing cruise and destinations as well!

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