Red Hot and Blue
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Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 2403 B Centreville Road, Herndon, VA 20171
Dedicated GF: No
Phone: 703-870-7345


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Red Hot and Blue Herndon,

Reviewer: Gftraveler from South Riding, VA

3.5 Palms
3.5 Palms
We were excited to try out Red Hot and Blue, since it's an old favorite of ours that we hadn't been to for years. We read about how they have many items that are gluten-free. Our experience was mixed, however. We asked to talk to a manager, who brought out a list of the ingredients in all their menu items, which was only moderately helpful, since many of the ingredients were suspect (vinegars, natural flavorings, etc.). Since we'd read (and confirmed through the ingredient listing) that the pulled pork and chicken were gluten-free, we ordered those for our son (the only one in our family with Celiac). There really weren't many sides that were gluten-free, but we opted to get him the baked sweet potato (with plain butter instead of the cinnamon butter, because they couldn't confirm whether that was g-f). Apparently the potato salad and baked beans are gluten-free, but not the fries. The ribs are also gluten-free. There are different sauces/rubs for the ribs and meats, however, and we had a hard time judging what was gluten-free after looking at the ingredient list. (There's a wet sauce, dry rub, sweet sauce, hot sauce). We asked for our son's meats to be served WITHOUT any sauce (the way he wanted it anyway). However, when a server (not our waiter) brought out the meal, there was sauce on top of both the chicken and the pork. And my other son's fries were on the plate that was supposed to be g-f. When I sighed, he said, "What now?" I calmly explained to him that we'd ordered the meat without sauce and that the fries couldn't be on the plate. But it was his "What NOW?" comment that made me if we were some inconvenient "high maintenance" table. Clearly, he didn't understand gluten-free, and since he wasn't the waiter who'd taken our order (and who'd seemed to understand our requests), I didn't bother trying to explain. He took it back and brought us a fresh serving of food. But despite the relative good taste of the meal, it left me with a bit of a "bad taste in my mouth" about the experience and a reminder that one needs to be very vigilant when dining at this restaurant. It certainly can be done, and the food is really good, just explain EXACTLY what you can/can't have on your plate. And talk to a manager. And do some further research before going if you want to have more options, like the barbeque sauces. Many may be g-f, but personally I wouldn't risk it without calling their corporate office to confirm it first.

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