Chart House Restaurant (Old Town)
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Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 1 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Dedicated GF: No
Phone: 703-684-5080


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Chart House Restaurant,

Reviewer: DC_Celiacs from DC/MD/VA,

4.0 Palms
4.0 Palms
Had a couple folks relay their experiences at the Chart House so thought I'd report back on my experience.  Although they don't have a GF menu, they did have good intentions and the waiter was patient with my asking on ingredients.  I was with a large group, and group appetizers were ordered - I asked on the crab filled mushrooms if there was any wheat, soy sauce, etc used - and he assured me there wasn't and that he would make a note to the chef to be sure the mushrooms had no wheat so I could share those.  When they arrived, I noted a kind of cream sauce under them, which concerned me - but I asked on that and he said they don't use wheat flour in it.  The mushrooms were good and only filled with crab meat, not a stuffing of any kind. I got cajun blackened fish with the rice and veggies - and was assured there was no wheat or wheat starch in the spices or any item.  Although, when the waiter asked if I can have butter (because it is on the veggies), I then lost some confidence that they know what gluten is - but thought he might be asking since dairy is also an allergen to many and he was trying to be attentive. In the end - I had no reaction, which I would have had by now (although hard to tell since I have a sinus infection and my system is wiggie from the antibiotics - but I would have noted additional distress). So - although they aren't specifically GF, I'd rate the experience as going well and would say they did make effort and were pleasant about it all. I'm still new at ordering in restaurants so probably don't have the routine down as some others do, so I always hope for the best ... SUBMITTED BY DC CELIACS SUPPORT GROUP

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