Promise Pizza
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Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 1500 North A W Grimes Boulevard Round Rock TX 78665
Dedicated GF: No
Phone: 512-674-2642
Website: http://www.prom[...]


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Would have gotten sick at Promise Pizza!,
July 16, 2010

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I found this restaurant on-line, and my husband and I went on a Friday evening. They were moderately busy but only had one oven going. I ordered my GF "Lonestar" and my husband ordered his non-GF pepperoni. We sat and watched through the glass as they ran around the kitchen extremely disorganized and frantic. I don't want to make this review to long but you all need to know that had I eaten that GF pizza, I would have been EXTREMELY sick. They were not careful when making it, reaching over each other to grab ingredients for non GF pizzas, often inches from each other. My pizza sat on their counter as they were making other pizzas all around it and putting them through the oven. Rather than firing up the 2nd oven, my pizza sat on the edge for a really long time as other pizzas were placed and made all around it. After they saw that I was waiting a long time, they put my pizza through and then pulled it out with the same tools as their non- GF pizzas. I'm sure they've been trained otherwise but this kitchen is far too unorganized and frantic to be safe for GF products!!! My husband took his pizza to go, I refused mine... and we went over the Zpizza where I was confident that I would not be sick afterwards. Their topping selection is such much better and I've never been disapointed with their products. If you have severe allergies, do NOT eat at Promise Pizza!!

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Promise Pizza...Promises!,
July 16, 2010

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I LOVE THIS PLACE. Every single person in the restaurant is pleasant, informative, and knows exactly what they are talking about. They prepare your pizzas in front of you, just to make sure they are doing everything correctly. They always, ALWAYS switch gloves in between making pizzas, they have two different cutting stations on OPPOSITE sides of the kitchen, one clearly being labeled gluten free. They also use two different pans to put the pizzas through the oven, so nothing ever touches the oven. They are super careful about cross-contamination and will go leaps and bounds beyond a lot of other people to prepare your food totally gluten-free. I 100% recommend this place.

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