Dallas / Ft Worth Airport
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Restaurant Chain in Dallas, TX: Unfriendly to Gluten Intolerance and Celiacs,
July 11, 2011

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I was shocked and disappointed at the response I received from the President of Dodie's when I complained about the lack of knowledge of Dodie's staff, management and food preparers regarding gluten-free menu items. Pasted below is the exact email response I received from the President of Dodie's. And to set the record straight, I believe the statement below about 2% of menu items containing gluten is patently false based on my review of the menu. I plan to let the President of Dodie's know that playing russian roulette or a guessing game with my health is not good enough for me and I expect restaurants I patronize to be well-informed and actually care about the welfare of their patrons. Text of Email Dated July 10, 2011 from Chris McGuinness, President of Dodie's: I guess it's kinda like MSG. Not too many people know exactly what "Gluten" is exactly. I read your e-mail and asked the staff at the new Dodie's what it was and only a few of them knew. The fact of the matter is that Dodie's uses such small traces of any Gluten in only 2% of it's dishes so there is no need to worry if Gluten isn't a part of your diet or you are allergic to it. I would be surprised to see if even bigger chains of restaurants know what to say if asked about "Gluten Free" dishes, etc. Chris "Dodie" McGuinness President, Dodie's Restaurants, LLC

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Dallas / Ft Worth Airport,
September 20, 2009

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Was pleasantly surprised by the options I found to eat at the Dallas, TX Airport. I did a little research before I left and had a list of restaurants that were there and found Chili's had a couple of restaurants. I went to their website and printed their gluten free menu and took it with me. That is were we ate on our way to vacation, then before boarding the plane, I found a packaged vegetable snack tray with ranch dressing that was gluten free at an AM/PM-type store (can't remember the name of it, but they were all over the airport). On the way back we didn't have much time, so I assumed I would just grab a simple salad somewhere with no dressing ( I did see a Subway--they have great salads with turkey, their website for gf options and dressings). I ended up at a place called Au Bon Pain Deli that had packaged item like: Hummus, olives and cucumbers...Tomato and Mozzarella...Turkey rolled up with asparagus, cranberry and feta cheese. I grabbed a few of these plus a bag of potato chips to make up a meal. They also had a Meditteranian salad that looked good and possibly gluten free. I also noticed bags of nuts for sale and other snacking possibilities too.

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