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Location: 76 Queens Folly Road Hilton Head Island SC 29928
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Waiter made gluten free experience at this restaurant frustrating,
July 15, 2012
Reviewer: from Long Island, NY

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Before dining here my husband called and was assured they could handle a gluten-free meal. When we arrived I told the waiter my son needed to eat gluten-free and he said he would note that he had a "gluten allergy." I asked about the bacon-wrapped shrimp as an appetizer. He returned and told me he made a note to the chef and indeed this appetizer did not contain gluten. So far so good. Then I asked about the Ahi Tuna entree and he said he believed the sauces had soy sauce in them. Then he assured us the chef would make the dish gluten-free. The dish arrived with 2 sauces on the side in small cups. When I asked the waiter if there was any gluten in these sauces he said he was pretty sure one of them was made with soy sauce. Then why were they put on the plate? I asked him to check and when he returned he told me both of these sauces were gluten-free. Then why didn't the chef make the dish with them? But more importantly, why didn't the waiter know if they were gluten-free or not? We then ordered the Divine Fudge Lava Cake. The dessert menu even said it was gluten-free! When the dessert arrived it included vanilla ice cream in what looked like a caramel basket. To be safe, I asked the waiter about the basket and he said, "He can't eat that--it has flour in it." Then why does the menu state this dessert is gluten free? And again, Why did you put this on the plate if you believed he couldn't eat it? I was pretty sure it was made with sugar but at that point, I just gave up and my son enjoyed the cake and skipped eating the ice cream. This entire experience might have been better if the waiter was more attentive and actually cared to check what he was serving. It was very frustrating. On the other hand, the chef seems to have gotten everything right--the sauces served with the tuna were indeed gluten-free, and it is likely that everything on the dessert plate was gluten-free as well. This dining experience would have been far less stressful had the waiter paid attention to what he was serving.

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