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Location: 86 Broad Street Red Bank NJ 07701
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Is it gluten free cinnamon rolls or is it cinnabon -- gluten free bakery in Red Bank, NJ!,
December 25, 2012

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Long story short my sister sent me a card from this bakery this past summer. I live in Barnegat about an hour and a half away from Red Bank so I decided to stop by on the way to my sisters house on Christmas Eve to check it out. We got to the bakery right when they just opened and already people were leaving the store with huge pink boxes and bags! We walked in and it smelled delicious! They didn't just have 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 cupcakes but about a dozen different flavors! On the window was a display of cake pops, and in the fridge was more cake pops, cakes, cheesecakes! There were gingerbread man cookies and so many more. Right when we were picking out which cupcakes we wanted, a girl comes out with a huge tray of CINNAMON ROLLS that were just frosted! I turned to look at my wife and all I can think was I did not just see cinnamon rolls and they can not be gluten free! I asked the manager and he said that it WAS gluten free and pointed at a mountain high of cinnamon roll packs behind the counter! How did my wife and I manage to miss that! They were $6 each or $20 for 4 and we decided to buy 4 of the 4 packs to have Christmas morning. We did spend quite a lot between bread, cupcakes, pop, and cinnamon rolls BUT it was all worth it! We put the rolls in the oven Christmas morning and the house smelled delightful, but after eating my first bite of this goodness I think I just had my heart and soul melted! It was one of the most missed things for me and my sister. It was something we both used to have for Christmas when we were young and it had always been a tradition until I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. I feel like the holidays in our family just got the spark back that has been missing. It's the little thing that means a lot. It's something my sister can pass on to her kids (she has twins both 6 years old with celiac). Don't get me wrong because everything else was delicious, but these were unbelievable! All I can say is that it is the cinnabon of gluten free cinnamon rolls. It is one thing I will drive an hour and a half for. I am writing this review to let the owner, manager, and anyone in charge at posh pop bakery to PLEASE never take this out of the menu. I would like EVERYONE to know about how delicious they were and anyone gluten free or non gluten free NEED to try this! To Matt, the manager who had been so patient, nice and understanding to my wife and I, and everyone at posh pop THANK YOU for bringing back a tradition to our family! Lindsor Family

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Gluten Free Bakery in Red Bank, New Jersey,
August 20, 2012

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My husband visited his cousins at the Jersey shore who lived in Red Bank, NJ. They took us to this chic and modern gluten free bakery in the main street because they were gluten free and my husband has celiac. Needless to say, we went inside and my husband was in heaven. He had to ask the girl behind the counter if "everything" was gluten free. Indeed they all were! There must have been 15 different cupcake flavors, about 1 dozen cake pop flavors, cheesecakes, macarons, ect! It was so overwhelming but an amazing experience at the same time. We ended up taking one dozen of cupcakes and about 6 cake pops home. My husband loved the samoa and chocolate marshmallow cupcakes the most and said everything was the best he has ever had! My favorite was peanut butter fudge, nutella, and salted caramel! Our kids ate all of the cake pops before we even got to them (and they're not even gluten free!). Compared to Tu-lu's and Babycakes, Posh Pop Bakeshop is definitely hands down the best so far and I don't think we will find any other place better. Our hunt for gluten free desserts is finally over!

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