Sammy's Woodfire Pizza
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Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 6500 West Sahara Avenue Las Vegas NV 89146
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Seemingly overrated Gluten Free Pizza at restaurant in Las Vegas,
January 30, 2011
Reviewer: from Huntington Station, New Y

3.5 Palms
3.5 Palms
I have heard good things about this place but like the old saying goes I guess there is no good pizza outside of New York, even if it is gluten free. The staff was pleasant and knowledgeable about gluten free diet needs and were very friendly. The location itself was cozy and large, allowing for 'personal space' for dining in a self seating if you wanted or restaurant seating style. Mike and I decided to purchase two gluten free pizzas to share with one another. Their gluten free selection was decently put together as almost any pizza item could be made on a gluten free crust if it had gluten free ingredients. In addition this particular location had one oven, and corresponding tools, that they used for gluten free items. We split two of the pizzas. First off, while the pricing seemed decent upon first ordering I was disappointed when my pizza arrived at the table a lot smaller than a typical gluten free in NY. Both pizzas were on very thin and incredibly dry crusts and while these two traits are somewhat typical for gluten free pizzas I felt that in this case it negated the quality of the toppings and the pizza altogether. I was too distracted by my pizza breaking and flaking to enjoy it as a whole. In addition, the dry texture of the crust took away from the flavors on top for both pizzas. The Garlic Chicken Pizza also threw me off because the vegetables on top were either lightly cooked or uncooked, something I do not enjoy on top of my pizza. The Diavola pizza was lacking sauce, making it more dry, and was also thrown off because the spice of the meat was not counter parted well by any other flavor. All in all I was disappointed with the quality of the food as well as the price vs. food size ratio. I would love to go back to another location and give them another chance, maybe not all the pizzas are bad, but unfortunately they are halfway across the country! All in all it's a good place to stop and make a decision about their food on your own, especially given the gluten free consideration they have for their customers. SUBMITTED BY CELTIC CELIAC @ http://celtic-

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