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They are still learning,
August 08, 2017

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I was diagnosed with celiac three weeks after my freshman year began. I had no idea what gluten was or how to avoid it. I contacted the chef and he didn't think I would have a problem. They had a small place that I could get bread, and sometimes cookies. After talking with the staff that work in the office in the cafeteria, they began to make some changes. I told them that the workers were mishandling my food, and were not knowledgeable about what the food contained. After a year, they added a GF section, and it is one of the only places that you can serve yourself. I am very sensitive, and people bring gluten containing items on their plate. Also one of the workers told me that they use ovens with large fans at the bottom. Cross contamination is a nightmare, and I continue to get sick. I have not been back there since. I have heard rumors that they are remodeling Atherton and I hope that it will get better.

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Enter At Your Own Peril,
March 09, 2013

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I entered as an out-of-state Freshman at Butler, signed up with the ADA Office and had letters of medical necessity documenting my Celiac Disease. Before choosing this college my mother and I interviewed the Head Chef on 3 separate visits and was assured I would receive gluten free meals (as all freshman students were required to purchase a meal plan and eat in the dining halls). There was no other food option available and nowhere to prepare my own food. I was advised to always arrive 10 - 15 minutes before the cafeteria became busy with students and tried to do so. I ate most meals there but was constantly getting sick, often sick enough to require Emergency Room visits. I developed symptoms that were different and new to me, unaware it was from gluten contamination. I developed dermatitis on both legs from above the knees down to my feet that persisted for the entire academic year, unresponsive to antibiotics. After breakfast I would often vomit and feel "drunk", and therefore began to miss many classes. I barely passed any classes that year having been accepted from a prestigious Prep School on a full scholarship. When the academic year finished and I arrived home to see my Gastroenterologist he was very alarmed and diagnosed the dermatitis was gluten contamination, as was the "drunk" feeling I had so often after eating breakfast. Was it cross contamination, a contaminated spice, etc??? Who knows... I had to undergo another upper and lower biopsy which found that villi were severely damaged. The dermatitis pustules on both legs, arms, back, neck, and face took 6+ months of oral and cream antibiotics. This was followed with lazer surgery to remove severe scarring. Our health insurer refused to pay for this as it was considered "cosmetic surgery" as was the "fade cream". My Harvard and Yale trained physician encouraged my mother to file a lawsuit against the university but she declined. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had not bragged incessantly about the many "Celiac" students they had fed over the years and the highly regarded reputation the university had with respect to Americans with Disabilities. It was the first time I had ever officially filed under the "ADA" and probably my last. I have more surgeries to look forward to if I choose to remove the remaining scars.

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