Cheesburger in Paradise
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Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 1742 Market Street Des Plaines IL 60016
Dedicated GF: No
Phone: 847-299-3657


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cross contamination was just the beginning,
September 28, 2009
Reviewer: from skokie, il

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This resturaunt at this location screwed up twice. The first time, my girlfriend ordered the gluten-free miniburgers. (same burgers, no bun.) By the end of the meal, she was feeling a little sick, but recovered quickly. The best we could figure out was that there was a slight cross-contamination issue. No point complaining, it was very slight. She went back several months later with a friend, and she ordered the one gluten-free desert. It typically comes with nilla wafers, but the gluten-free menu states that you can order it without. When they asked about ordering it with no wafers, the waiter said basically "no problem." When she told him to make sure they watch out for cross-contamination, he said "oh, of course, we are certified, it will not be a problem." When the desert came, my girlfriend ate most of it... and when she got to the bottom of the cup, there were nilla-wafers. Of course, the resturaunt gave them the meal for free. I cant even begin to express to the kitchen and waitstaff how badly they screwed up. Sure, she was fine on the ride home... feeling a little sick, but generally fine. Sure, she was only slightly ill late that evening when i got home from work... but its now 2 days later and she is physically weak, mentally slow, and in physical pain. Sick, Dim, and in pain 2 days after the meal?!?!?! I dont know who to contact at the resturaunt, or if it would even make a difference. I dont know who to contact at whatever agency certified them, or if THAT would make a difference. This morning, (2 DAYS LATER) she woke up, did the dishes, and went back to bed. This experience ruined her desire to go out to eat... not just to cheeseburger in paradise, but ANYWHERE... even the certified resturaunts, because "its not worth the risk." What does the certification even mean if this can happen? Having celiac shouldnt turn you into a hermit. Having celiac shouldnt mean if you wanna meet friends for dinner you gotta bring a cooler full of food. I'm furious. This is the first action I'm taking on this matter. I'll be contacting the resturaunt, and whatever agency certified them.

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