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Nice to be able to enjoy gluten free food at a luau on Kauai,
December 27, 2017
Reviewer: from South Riding, VA

4.5 Palms
4.5 Palms
We had read about how gluten-free friendly this luau was here on this website, so we bought tickets well in advance of our trip. If going to Hawaii for the first time, attending a luau is a definite must. This one seemed to have the reputation as one of the best on the island of Kauai. The evening started with a ceremony at 5:45 in which the owner (a Smith family member) demonstrated how they roast a pig in an underground pit with volcanic rock and steam. Then we were all called into the covered pavilion for drinks (unlimited mai tais and open bar with soft drinks, tropical juices, and alcoholic spirits). If you have a large party, you get a reserved table. If you are a smaller group, it’s open seating. We were called table-by-table to go up to the buffet. Fortunately, when we checked in, we were told that our son (and one of us parents) could go through the buffet first before there was any chance of cross contamination due to someone using a wrong utensil or something similar. Thankfully, all items that were gluten free (and there were quite a few) were labeled as such. Our son could eat the pulled pork (really the highlight of the meal…some of the best we’ve ever had), various sides like delicious mashed potatoes, and salads. He could also have the fresh fruit and coconut rice pudding from the dessert table. Then, after we were back at the table eating, they brought our son another plate with chicken, fish, and rice, since he couldn’t have those items on the regular buffet (based on how they were prepared). I tried those items, and they were all very good. All in all, it was a good meal with lots of choices, and we felt VERY comfortable there wouldn’t be any issues with cross contamination, based on the fact that he got to go through the buffet first. Just note your dietary restrictions when you make the reservation and then go into the pavilion before dinner to remind one of the servers of your needs. They will show you the buffet and go over everything with you. The show after dinner is pretty good as well…and you sit in an arena that is covered in case of rain. It lasts between 45 minutes and an hour. The evening wraps up by 9 pm.

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Smith Family Garden Luau
Gluten Free Luau in Kauai,
October 10, 2014
Reviewer: from Millington, TN

4.0 Palms
4.0 Palms
The Smith Family Luau was very accommodating to my diet. When reservations were made, I made them aware of my special diet needs. Shortly, I received a menu in the mail with my choices from the buffet at the Luau and instructions on what to do on my arrival. Upon arriving at the luau, Kamika Smith (one of the owners), took me to the buffet line before anyone else, and explained the dishes to me. He told me which foods I could and could not have and why. One of my fears, being a buffet, was cross contamination of the food with serving utensils. However, due to the layout of the food, my fears vanished. Kamika also had the chief prepare a separate plate of baked fish and chicken for me and brought it to my table. This was in addition to my buffet plate. I enjoyed the evening so much. I recommend the Smith Family Luau in Kauai, Hawaii. The food was awesome, the surroundings were beautiful, and the show was impressive.

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The Smith Family Garden Luau Kauai and Our Gluten Free Feast,
November 17, 2016
Reviewer: from Manhattan, MT

5.0 Palms
5.0 Palms
The family owned business is run by four generations of the Smith family, and while the luau accommodates a couple hundred people, it still feels very intimate and family oriented. You want to get their early to catch a ride on their tram. Once aboard, they give you a tour of their beautiful, expansive gardens.

After a relaxing drive through the gardens, it was time for the imu ceremony. This is when they dig up the kalua pig that has cooked in the ground all day.

Then it was off to the dining room where mai tais and fruit punch were plentiful. We enjoyed Hawaiian music played by the Smith family while everyone found their table, and started to get settled in for the huge feast we were about to enjoy. I had emailed the Luau ahead of time to let them know we had Celiac and to ask about the gluten free options. They did not disappoint!! Before dinner started, one of the hostesses came and got me and walked me through the large buffet to tell me what was gluten free, and what was not. As we all know, cross contamination in a buffet can be kind of nerve-wracking, but once again the Smith Family Luau went above and beyond. They invited my girls and I to go through the line as the first guests. That was so unbelievably generous of them!! We piled our plates high because we knew we wouldn't go back through the line. As we dug into our incredible meal, the waiters brought us each a plate piled with roasted chicken, mahi mahi, and rice. There was no way we would ever have been able to eat that much food, but they wanted to make sure we had enough to eat. They definitely made these gluten free girls happy!!

This was before I started my blog,, so I have no pictures of the ginormous amount of food we had in front of us. But trust me, it was A LOT!! We definitely felt a bit of guilt that we would be wasting such good food. In fact, my youngest daughter, Melia, was overcome by the guilt and had to take a moment to cry softly on my lap because she knew she couldn't eat that much. If we ever get to go to this luau again, I will definitely mention that we don't need an extra plate of food. The buffet is enough. But, I have so much appreciation for the Smith Family, and their generosity and understanding they showed toward helping us be able to enjoy the feast. It blew my mind...and filled our bellies!!

Once we were pleasantly stuffed, we strolled down to the outdoor auditorium where they have the luau show. I have never been to a luau before that had the show in a separate area, but I really liked it. Not only did they tell the story of the people of Samoa, New Zealand, and Tahiti, like most luaus; but they also included the people of China and Japan. I have never been to a luau that had that before, but it completely makes sense as there is a large population of Asians in Hawaii. It was a really good show!! Plus, the erupting volcano was pretty awesome as well. The kids loved it. The grownups loved it. And we all left stuffed and happy.

So if you are ever on the beautiful island of Kauai, I highly recommend this luau to my fellow Celiacs!!

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Smith Family Garden Luau

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