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Number of Reviews: 2

Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 115 East River Street Savannah GA 31401
Dedicated GF: No
Phone: 912-232-3086


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March 10, 2010

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This restaurant came highly suggested as a "celiac disease friendly zone." I was so happy to go there! As someone who just found out she has this, it was a pleasant surprise to find a place to eat! I asked the waitress all the right questions and was told that this was INDEED gluten free, and I could eat this and that. What she NEGLECTED to mention to me (UNTIL after I came back from being physically sick in the restroom) was that this food was cooked right along with the other foods (what good it does to say you are gluten free but cook with other gluten products is beyond me)...might as well have fed me a plate full of poison, for how sick it made me. The waitress was not at all concerned OR SORRY that I was sick, and in fact she was frustrated because we kept telling her that the tea she kept trying to pour us was either bad or mixed with something else...she rolled her eyes and sighed every time......(we weren't the only patrons complaining about the tea, either). I hated this experience. PLEASE AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST, especially if you suffer from celiac disease as I do. This place pretends to be something it is indeed not....and I even paid for the meal I 'lost' in the bathroom, no offer of apology or discount from anyone. They simply wanted rid of the girl that kept losing her lunch. DON'T GO HERE!

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Huey's Restaurant, Riverwalk Savannah, GA,
April 06, 2008

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Disappointing experience, this restaurant was recommended highly, it is in the historic district of Savannah. We had a group of eight diners, two of whom have gluten intolerance as well as other food sensitivities. I spoke with the manager and went to the kitchen to read a few labels prior to being seated or ordering our dinners, and was assured that if I ordered a particular entree and requested that it be baked in foil that I would have nothing to worry about. I followed her recommendation, spoke very specifically with our server who was knowledgeable and also assured me he would personally see that my meal was prepared safely. When my fish arrived, it had been seasoned and fried on the shared grill, NOT baked in foil as I had discussed with the manager, the kitchen, and our server. Obviously, I could not eat my meal and went without. When I went to speak with the manager again in the kitchen she offered to prepare another meal, but our group was done eating and ready to leave, and I was not going to ask seven others to wait. I had high hopes for Huey's, but left hungry and disappointed. Fortunately, I didn't leave sick. I would not recommend this restaurant, I feel I spoke very specifically with the management, staff, and kitchen but did not receive a meal that was safe to eat. I am giving this rating a zero palms rating for the simple reason that the manager assured me that they prepared gluten free meals frequently and had several local repeat GF diners who were happy there, so I trusted (my mistake) that my meal would be safe. I feel strongly that the manager dropped the ball, the kitchen did not look at the food prep instructions that were printed on the order -- I saw them, and our server did not check the food before it was served as he assured me he would. Multiple errors, too risky.

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