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Not a good gluten-free experience on Holland America Cruise Line,
December 18, 2011

1.5 Palms
1.5 Palms
After signing up for a cruise on holland america and filling out a gluten free request (required at least 30 days in advance) we boarded our ship the Zuiderdam and had high hopes for a good gluten free trip. Our first night I informed our waiter that I was gluten free and he seemed to be knowledgeable about this; so I ordered from the menu, making sure to order what seemed gluten free; i.e., salad, no pasta in the soup, no breading on the meat, etc. I was told it would be gluten free. The food appeared to be gluten free, but I had stomach pains and problems the whole trip. I constantly had to make sure that the food was gluten free. Now, I'm on a cruise, eating at the same table every night for 11 nights, you would think they could figure out I'm gluten free, and several times the food had to be sent back because it was not gluten free. Unfortunately, I didn't ask every night, so who knows what I was fed. For dessert the first night I was given a stale brownie. The second night I refused to eat it and asked for a dessert menu, I was told I would be eating the brownie every night - I informed my waiter I would not. The chef attempted to make me a crisp of some sort every night, but it wasn't the cool pastries and desserts everybody else was getting. I had my breakfast on the Lido deck and they seemed to do a better job, but I had to constantly watch them as they would use the same utensils and cooking area that just had french toast or pancakes on it. My bread product (notice this is singular, not plural - it was the same white bread every day and night) was of the lowest quality (Udi's or bread mix it was not). I had oreo type cookies and frozen blueberry muffins and some frozen pizzas -that was my entire choices - they didn't even go to a decent grocery store to pick up mixes for bread or rolls or cakes or anything that would have made my trip nicer. Please remember, I put my request for gluten free in 30-60 days in advance - what gives. I have read many other reviews from different lines, and let me tell you, I will not ever travel Holland America again.

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Cruising experience on Princess Cruise Line,
June 06, 2008

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5.0 Palms
The maitre de in the dining room was very well versed on the gluten free diet. There were a few other guests who also had celiac disease. He came over at each meal to review the menu with me. He arranged to have items modified for me, when possible. He had the kitchen bake breads and rolls for us. It was absolutely the best eating experience I have ever had, and I have been on this diet for 32 years! I do not remember the name of the ship or the maitre de, but I do believe all of the princess ships go out of their way for you. Everything about the ship's service was the best I have ever experienced, and I have been on many cruise lines.

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