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Very good and gluten-free friendly cruise to Catalina and Ensenada,
January 12, 2014

4.5 Palms
4.5 Palms
Our cruise departed from Los Angeles and went to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. The Princess Cruises website dose not offer much info. about gluten free dining. We did anytime dining, the first night I let the waiter know and he got the MaitreD who took my order. Everything I requested was stuff that would be easy to make gluten free, they made sure to say gluten free with everything they gave me. I had two issues, one being that they kept confusing me with the other person in my party, so it was not something I could keep quiet and ended up explaining everything to those around us. The second issue is one night they messed up and gave me some stuff with gluten but the Maitre D made sure to talk to the waiter about it. It was a mistake and I knew what I could not have, so it was not a big deal. At the buffet I found out I could ask for the chief and he would explain what was safe to eat. If you want ice cream you have to bring a bowl as they don't have any there (I would just bring a coffee cup from the buffet). On deck 5 they have a snack place where they clearly marked the desserts that were gluten free as well as the warm food. They give you a menu for the next night's dinner so they can be prepared. That was nice. Desserts were a surprise every night, though I could have chosen fruit, ice cream. The Maitre D checked in with me every course to make sure everything was good. They even have gluten free bread. That was a real treat -- it tasted like pancakes. If you want fries, they have them on deck 14. The only thing cooked in that oil is fries. We were spending one full day at sea, so the night before I was given the lunch menu if I wanted to go to the dining room. They let you order anything on the menu, except desserts, but I liked the surprise. The one night that they made a mistake, I bet it was because there was someone at the next table who had ordered the same thing also gluten free. I really felt like most of the staff was in training, so I understand why they might have a little trouble here and there, but they were so nice. Just ask them to explain what they serve. After booking my trip, I asked for gluten free. They sent me an email with instructions that in the dining room I needed to let the Maitre D know, but I found out about asking for the chef from another passenger. This is the first trip I have taken being gluten free and was very nervous, but they were very accommodating, and the food was outstanding.

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Cruise on Celebrity ship -- not very easy from a gluten free perspective,
August 08, 2012

2.5 Palms
2.5 Palms
We have always loved Celebrity Cruises, and have been on about 10 with this line. However, this was the first Celebrity Cruise I had to be gluten free. I had informed them ahead of time about being gluten free, but they simply said to speak with the Maitre D' once on board. I did bring several items with me to ensure that I would have my favorite items, including a box of pasta. Each night, I would order my meal for the next evening. I felt like I ate a LOT of the same things every day. They were all good, but it did get a little monotonous... And the worst thing was my pasta! I did order a pasta dish with marinara sauce and shrimp. The first time I ordered it, the serving size was HUGE! I think they prepared half the box, just for me. Not too big of a deal. However, when I ordered the 2nd time, the dish came and it was a spaghetti, not the spirals I had brought. It completely freaked me out, but it was actually a GF pasta, but it turned out that they gave my pasta to SOMEONE ELSE!!! Our waiter was mortified, but there was nothing to be done. I had to buy another box at our next port. They were knowledgeable and had Gluten Free bread available for dinner. Overall, it was an okay experience, but I am glad I brought extra food as backup.

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