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Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 43 Arenal Avenue Stinson Beach CA 94970
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Phone: 415-868-1272
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Gluten free means gluten free -- review of restaurant in Stinson Beach, CA,
April 16, 2014

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I've eaten here before with no problems, but today changed all that. I told the server that I had to eat gluten-free, and ordered a salad, specifying "no croutons." I was about halfway through my salad and found a crouton in the bowl. We called the manager/hostess over, and I have to say that I have never been treated so rudely. She kept saying that "it's only one crouton," showing absolutely no understanding of what this could do, and she wasn't interested in hearing what I had to say. She asked if I went into anaphylactic shock if I ate wheat. When I said no, she said that was good. She apologized in a very hurried way. When I continued to try to explain how sick this could make me, she asked what else she could do (in a very annoyed manner). I asked what she usually did in this type of situation. She offered to take the cost of my meal off the bill. Again, she was very rude about the entire incident. The servers were very polite, however, with one asking me if I felt okay. I explained that I won't know for about 24 hours. When something like this has happened elsewhere, the manager not only offers at least a discount, but also offers to remake my food. Eat here at your own risk. The manager doesn't understand what gluten-free means and doesn't seem to care.

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